This Post is Un-Named

Ah me, Mother Nature has seen fit to bless Colorado with yet another foot of snow this week, but as I have already had Frosty Finds, I guess I needed a new title!  Somehow snow on May 1st has sapped out all my creativity!  But, at least it has not depleted our ever-changing supply of blog fodder.

There were some super-easy slam dunks this week.  I mean, how could we not take a pic of this poor girl:

Whatever you do, don't take your eyes off that rooster!That rooster has evil on his mind, but she is keeping a sharp eye on him.  If the rooster hadn’t been stalking her, we would be wondering what she is doing, but having seen the little devil creeping up on her, we now know why she is glancing sideways coyly.  She is waiting for the goose on the rear, or should that be rooster on the rear?

Nearby, we spotted this:

Weird Heraldic Tusked RamIt has tusks, ram’s horns, and a heraldic shield, but other than that, we have no idea what it could possibly be.  If this were the scion of your house, would you advertise it?  We think not.  Just go out and get yourself a new family crest.  Perhaps a nice normal everyday unicorn.

We had hardly recovered from the end cap of the aisle with the above two abnormalities, when the next end cap, brought this:

Statue full of monkeysReally, really bad monkeys.  This is not the least bit decorative, and when all is said and done, more on the offensive side.  If you don’t believe me, check out the side view:

Statue full of monkeys side viewCome on, monkeys in the bathroom?  Please, just give me a good hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil statue, instead of just a plain evil one.

I tell you, it was just one blow after another this week.  We haven’t had a really bad velvet painting in a while, but just to make up for it, here is a pair:

Red Velvet Bull Fight PictureIt’s kind of hard to see, but they were encrusted with glitter, as well as being on velvet.  I hope the bull wins.

Whew, we needed a break, and found it in the form of these next two signs:

Words of WisdomI might add that the friend should be WILLING to SHARE the chocolate, or that would just be an exercise in frustration.  Luckily, Deb and I would easily share our last piece of chocolate on most days!

This sign made me giggle too:

Sign of a cat loverI would have bought it in a hot minute, but dear hubby is not a cat person, and he would not have been amused.  Sometimes, shopping has to take a back seat to peace at home.

We were trying not to take a picture of yet another Last Supper, but really, how could you resist one in 3-D?

Last Supper photo bomberThen we realized the bad ceramics are still following us, and the boy in front was doing some serious photobombing.  It’s funny what shows up in our photos without us even noticing it.  Sometimes it even takes Deb’s better half to point it out to us.  I think we are just obliviously single-minded sometimes.

We were not so blind, that this didn’t catch our eye.  Particularly heinous examples of the genre.  For heaven’s sake, Hawaii is a fabulous place; bring back some pearls, or a Hawaiian shirt.  Maybe if the tourists would quit buying them, they would quit making them?  Nah, probably not.  Hang four and half everyone.  (Didn’t even come close to a 10!)

Tiki InsanityHere is a “lovely” example of bad ceramics.  The colors are so awful, we wonder what colorblind person bought it for someone as a gift.  This peacock has a bad case of jaundice, and no amount of tomato juice will cure it.  (I had to Google a cure!)

Chalkware PeacockOn a final note, we spent a bit of time trying to decide if this was an ancient Viking Ship basket, or just a really odd duck with earrings.  We’ll let you decide and let us know.

Woven Viking Ship?Till next week, have snow shovel, will go south till they don’t know what it is anymore!


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8 Responses to This Post is Un-Named

  1. darkelf says:

    Pinterest has a pin about painting some of those “horrible” ceramics white with spraypaint. I think the Peacock would be a great starter project. Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the project they have in mind. (And sometimes stuff is just plain ugly!)

    • kathydeb says:

      You are absolutely right about repainting the peacock. Chalkware isn’t hard to paint; it would have to be something you wanted in your house to justify the effort. Years ago, my mom repainted a chalkware statue of a spaniel like my dog–I love it, and it only took her an hour.

  2. Connie says:

    Oh… red velvet paintings… how garish. I haven’t seen one of those in quite some time. Thank you for inflicting that on me. 😉

    • kathydeb says:

      Our pleasure ma’am! I could add in passing that we didn’t take a picture of the black velvet clown paintings we saw about a month ago–you’re welcome! ;- )

  3. Fran Carr says:


    My know-it-all-ness will not let me rest until I tell you that the beast with tusks, horns etc is a Yale. A Yale is one of the Queen’s Beasts, he is the hearldic supporter for the Beauforts and more
    The shield he is holding has leopards and lillies (England and France) but not painted correctly as far as i could discover.
    Thanks for the entertaining reads, I don’t go into op-shops much any more as I am trying to de-clutter (ha ha!) but I do miss the thrill of the chase, and reading your blog helps with controlling the cravings. 🙂

    • kathydeb says:

      Thank you so much for the knowledge; I’m so happy that someone knew what the heck that thing was AND was nice enough to let us know.

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