Frosty Friday Finds

I am only calling this post by the above title, as Mother Nature decided that Colorado needed every bit of her winter snow delivered in one week, in APRIL!  While being buried under more than 20″ of nice white stuff, how else to spend one’s time, other than making rude comments and hoping for a heat wave?

Look, see this butterfly thinks it’s spring:

Fluttering FlutterbyAt this point, I am tempted to go back and buy the silly thing, and let it flit with “lifelike” action around my head.  (Not kidding about the action, look closely!)  I know people are desperate for a glimpse of wildlife, but really, a battery operated butterfly?

Close-up of battery operated butterflyActually, we are both seriously thinking about taking up drinking.  These ladies seem to have the right idea:

Our kind of gals!And if we really get into it, this glass will be just perfect:

If this is small, don't think I could survive a large margarita!If this is a small glass, someone had better be around to help us recover from the hangover provided by the LARGE glass.  On the bright side, we will no longer care that Deb has broken two shovels on her driveway, and neither of us can feel our back or arms from shoveling.

Once we are seriously potted, we will feel just like this little lady:

Potted PrincessShe and her teddy were feeling neglected, so they are off to sit in a pot and sulk.  And no, we didn’t stage this, we just came around the corner and there she was.  Neither the pot nor the princess are improved by the combination, and she might getting an eyeful, as we can’t tell for sure what is going on in the “decorative” frieze around the pot.

On the other hand, we do admit to duplicity in this next photo.  We only added couple of them, but they all had something in common:

Who, or what, spooked the tchotchkes?Every one of these animals looks seriously worried about something.  For the life of us, we couldn’t figure out for sure what sort of heinous vision they saw, when the store was closed and the lights were out, but what has been seen, apparently can’t be unseen.  Could it be the fish lips on this couple?

Holy Mackeral, those are some fish lips!That girl could manage a kiss though a knothole with those lips.  I am surprised that poor boy is not running in terror, but then, he is no prize either, so probably will settle for what he can get. Ugh, and nasty resin to boot.

Perhaps it was this piece of resin art that did it:

Broccoli ManNo wonder children refuse to eat their vegetables.  I wouldn’t either–I would be terrified.  You can smile at me all you want, nasty green veggie, you still taste bad.  For the record, I actually love broccoli, just don’t let it LOOK at me.

Actually, we do think we finally found the answer on the next shelf:

Bunnicula lives!This is a rabbit with pure evil on its mind.  Bunnicula lives!!  I have no idea what it did, but it must have been pretty awful to scare an entire shelf full of tchotchkes.  It still looks like it is coming back for an encore, too.

If the rabid bunny didn’t scare you, what about the potential for serious crimes of the decorative sort provided by this shelf:

Friday finds in the rawAll this badness just waiting to be enhanced by the amateur artist.  There is never a hammer around when you need it.

On a brighter note, we loved this purse:

Fun beach purseIt was cute and we love the fact that there was a purse on the purse.  Now we wish we were there, and if you were kind, dear readers, you would wish us someplace warm and tropical too.  Of course the bright side is, that this is spring in Colorado, and it will likely be 70° next week.  Let’s hope so, or we will have the only snowmen still around in July.

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2 Responses to Frosty Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    When I see the ceramic bunny, I can’t help but sing, “Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit…” as sung by Elmer Fudd.

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