Friday Finds, A Bit of This, A Bit of That

You would think we would be rolling in Friday Finds, after taking a week off for Easter, but I guess we found so many Easter Laid-an-Eggs, that we didn’t see a lot of other things, so this post will be short, and probably not so sweet.

I have to confess to having mixed feelings about this first item.  While it is undeniably over the top and ridiculous, my dear grandmother used to have a passion for this huge Mexican glass, and wouldn’t have even thought about leaving this sitting on the shelf.  It brings back memories of a favorite person, who is probably directly responsible for my passion for junking, so Thanks, Grandma, this pic is for you!  [Deb here: I’m sorry to put this comment next to Kathy’s sweet story of her grandmother, but I need to point out the behavior of the giraffes in the left side of the background–get a room, you two!]

Honking Big Glass SwanFor some reason many of our pix this week feature GROUPS of badness.  I guess it was tying to save us the effort of taking too many photos.  How about the Shell Art Gallery:

ShellapaloozaWe were really not going to take the photo of the first two, but then the cute little frog put us over the top, and had us digging for the camera.  There is no end to the stuff locals will make for tourists, and no limits on the amount tourists will bring home.  Hey, how about a useful tariff for once?

I think it goes downhill from there.  Time for some bad clocks:

Clocks for every stage of your lifeSo they may not be in order, but first is the courting (middle), then the wedding, and then pigging out so much your spouse doesn’t recognize you any more?  They were all made of that nasty “stone-like resin” that I also think should have a HUGE import tax placed on it.  Guess the best you can say for them, is that if you can stand to look at them, you would know what time it is.  (Time to “accidentally” drop some clocks!)

Next up, some light reading material:

Bathroom reading kitAnd you get the toilet seat thrown in too.  The ultimate bathroom reader.  Honest, we didn’t put this here, it’s where we found it.  Why? We don’t know.

This next set is not so bad.  I did buy the book, and I think I might have bought the table runner, if they didn’t think it was an antique, and priced it accordingly:

All Ready for a Barbeque!The table runner is a winner hands down for creative use of rick-rack.  Even the hamburger was made of it.  The cookbook just had to come home with me after seeing this photo:

In a PickleJust think of the creative cook that decided to grill the hot dogs and the pickles all at the same time!  Not to mention how festive they would look turning on that rotisserie.

Now, for this last item, I am going to preface it by saying, NO, we didn’t buy it and we are not going to, so don’t ask.  I know, “we’re fired”:

Trump or Monkey? Home GameI have to admit it was a pretty good sculpt, but it is still “the Donald”.  Uck.

I went to my first garage sales of the season last week with the family, so it is coming!!  Just think of all those wonderful bad things out there, just waiting for us to share with you.  Till next week!

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4 Responses to Friday Finds, A Bit of This, A Bit of That

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I just want to thank you guys for the booby prize I won. If the temperature ever goes above 50, I will hang it up outside – somewhere. Maybe on my neighbor’s tree? Seriously, it’s not all that bad!
    I won…yay.

    • kathydeb says:

      We were glad that you won that “prize” since we knew you liked dogs and there was a chance that the wind chime wouldn’t send you over the top! Glad you don’t think it’s awful. Keep tuned to this station because we are going to do some “good” giveaways as soon as we get organized.

  2. Connie says:

    While I consider myself normal, there are just a few things that weird me out. For instance, I love reading and just the sheer volume of books in the plastic tub would be awesome… but the toilet seat laying on the edge of the tub is just enough of an ‘ick’ factor that the books are (in my opinion) contaminated. Now. And. Forever.

    • kathydeb says:

      I’m a little germphobic myself, so I totally get the ick factor. I’m glad to report that the toilet seat was unused–thank goodness!

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