Hare it is, Our Easter Eggstravaganza

This title was brought to you by our Summer Intern who is really punny right now.  I innocently mentioned that we needed a fun title for the Easter post and this was the result.

Not all of the Easter finds are bad; really, most of them fall into the cute to funny category.  Take these bunnies, for example:

Bunny PlanterI think the planter would be pretty cute without all the plastic daffodils and fern leaves.  It would look better with real spring-flowering bulbs in it, or piling your Easter eggs inside, or even springy silk flowers would be an improvement over plastic flowers.  Those sweet little bunnies deserve better.

If anyone ever wanted to do a rabbit version of Angry Birds, here is the perfect rabbit:

Angry BunnyI would be mad too if my nose were missing.  I’m kind of stumped by what kind of nose would leave a hole when it came off; if it were something too cutesy or strange, this rabid rabbit probably pulled it off himself.

This Baby Huey bunny falls into the just weird category:

Baby BunnyHe isn’t quite cute enough for a baby bunny despite the diapers.  If he’s old enough for a mustache and a carrot, he’s old enough to be potty-trained, at least that’s what Mrs. Josephine Rabbit said to Peter.

Now neither of us were quite sure what was going on between this rabbit and goose:

Easter bunny eats goose?Surely this is just a beloved pet goose (or duck) and not Easter dinner.  Isn’t Easter the holiday of ham, lamb, and chicken dinners?  I’m confused by the bow tie and apron combination; it seems like a mixed gender message to me.  Oh, questions, questions and not an answer in sight!

Okay, back to something self-explanatory and cute:

Bunny Beauty ParlorLittle Flopsy and Mopsy are out to  make a little holiday cash; just keeping Peter clean would be a full-time job.

These next two bunny pictures could be titled Weird and Weirder.  First up let’s take a gander at Weird:

Feather BunniesThey have cute little faces, but I sure can’t explain the feathers growing out of the tops of their heads.  However, they have nothing on Weirder:

What's the deal with the ears?These Ma and Pa Bunnies have so much going on (and most of it bad!) that it’s painful to look at them.  They have those thick felt ears like the little dog’s tail from a couple of weeks ago.  I think it would be easier to say what’s right with this pair (no apparent chips), than to list their many, many problems.

Okay, the worst is over with, it should be easy sledding for the rest of the post.  This little guy is trying really hard

Confused Bunnyto deliver a wagon full of eggs.  I kind of like his goofy expression, but not enough to bring him home!

This bunny should have a music box that plays I’m a Little Teapot:

Fat bunny potI’m not sure how Kathy resisted this little guy–he is so serious AND goofy at the same time.  That’s practically an irresistible combination for us.

I can’t even remember taking this picture, but it definitely fits into the goofy portion of the post:

Estate sale Easter craftThese rabbit picks are doing their best to stand up in the bowl.  I suspect they would have more success if there were some floral foam in there with them.  I bet if you stuck one in your garden around Easter, you would find yourself smiling at these silly rabbits.

Let’s take a short break from rabbits and talk about Chicks, Man:

Decorative RoostersThe box says decorative roosters, but aren’t they just a little young to be sporting comb?  We have tons of these things (and I think we bought these too) and just don’t seem to be able to resist them.  All of our little chicks are hens, so it’s nice to have some roosters in the hen-house.

Our last two Easter offerings are food-related:

Easter CornFor all of you worried about what to feed the Easter Bunny when he comes hopping in to leave a basket–voila!  Easter corn and an espresso will keep him hopped up and rarin’ to go.

Kathy bought a vintage holiday cookbook–look what’s on the menu for Easter brunch:

Bunny BreadThose little rabbit rolls are so darn cute!  I’m sure the ears are bitten off first and then the tails; the basket is a really fun way to serve them.  I’m not sure they would be worth all the effort, but they do look shockingly edible.

Don’t forget to check out the 2013 Peep Dioramas; I could never pick a winner, they are all so clever!

Happy Easter everyone, hope you spend it doing your favorite things with your favorite people.

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6 Responses to Hare it is, Our Easter Eggstravaganza

  1. This made me laugh! I always wish I could go with you and see all these *treasures* in person! 🙂 Happy Easter!

  2. Vivianne says:

    Last week, in a grocery store nearby, I noticed they were selling (quite well, I should add) Easter Egg Nog. made with full-cream milk. Unexpected but so delicious, had to buy a litre.

    • kathydeb says:

      In a way, eggnog makes more sense at Easter than Christmas; oh heck, they should sell it at BOTH holidays!

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