Friday Finds the Arts Suffering

I just read a blurb on the news about a Chinese bowl, purchased at a yard sale for less than three dollars, that just sold at Sotheby’s for 2.2 million!  How come we are always blessed with the bad stuff, and that three-dollar bowl just passes us by?

You know it is a bad week for the arts, and for Sotheby’s, when the first thing we see, as we walk in,  is this:

Musical Lamp1Oh, my!  I am not even sure where to begin.  In the closeups, you can see it represents the arts:

Musical lamp3 only $49.99This side shows music and writing, and here we have art and something else.  Hard to tell, as one arm is broken, maybe trying for the Venus de Milo look:

Musical lamp2I guess it fulfills the need for lighting and tchotchkes all at once.  Adding insult to injury was the $49.99 price tag.  I just think it is a colossus of bad taste.

Speaking of Colossus:Colossus of Rhodes souvenirReally?  You took a nice trip to Greece, visited Rhodes, and this is what you ship back home?  It had to be shipped because no one’s suitcase is that big.  Guess that’s why they call it the Colossus, but I really don’t want a giant, in a diaper, doing whatever under my pasta.  Next time, send yourself some ouzo and a nice big jar of Greek olives.

Still on the subject of art and adding animal cruelty into the mix.  Why, why, why?

Oh you poor thing!Deb is a huge fan of poodles and there is no justifiable reason for this.  We know why it didn’t sell, even on clearance, at its original store.  There was a Scottie dog in the same series there, but it was cute, so it didn’t make our cut!

As we already had some lighting here, we thought we would add a couple more:

Vertical lightingI am not sure these are really bad, just odd.  Yes, the two big cream colored rectangles are lights, covered in paper shades.  The one on top just adds to the weird composition.  I think my cat might find these an acceptable scratching post, and for the life of me, I can’t think what needs to be lit in the corner of a room on the floor.  In fact, most people’s corners could use a little more darkness, so the dust bunnies have a place to hide out in peace.

What post would be complete without a little yarn play?  Hey, I hadn’t thought of that, maybe you could use this as a frisbee?

Crocheted dream catcherNo probably, not, wouldn’t catch enough air, but there has to be another use for it besides hanging it on the wall.  Please, please, don’t hang it on the wall!  You know, we might have categorized it as mostly harmless, if they hadn’t put a wire around it, and added the cherubs.  Oh, you hadn’t noticed the cherubs?

Crocheted dream catcher close-upAs if that just adds that finishing touch.  Sometimes enough really is enough.

We had to include this pink yarn clown (sorry) because there is a story about its multicolored brother.  In fact, here are the two of them together:

Evil Yarn Clown  Nothing says scary like homemade yarn clownsho
Our blog was contacted about the clown on the right by a movie company (I know, how exciting!).  The art department used a similar clown on the set of the movie Horns and they needed to get clearance from the manufacturer.  Somehow, the poor worker bee given this task found our blog.  She wanted to know if we had any idea of who made this clown.  We replied that it was made by a myopic grandma using up leftover yarn, and the face is one you see in craft stores in the doll section.  Not all that much help, but we’re glad to know that a movie studio art department agrees with us–these clowns are scary!  I need to watch the movie when it comes out next fall, and see if I can spot the clown.

Stay tuned next week for the annual Easter parade of badness; it’s sure to be hare raising.  Also, the Summer Intern has pulled the names for our winners ( winner and loser? ) for our drawing.  Check your inbox and brace yourself!!  Thanks to all who entered.

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4 Responses to Friday Finds the Arts Suffering

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I credit your blog with making me hate clowns. Congratulations. 🙂

    • kathydeb says:

      Welcome to Clown Haters Not So Anonymous; clowns are pure evil and all thinking beings should dislike and distrust them! 😉

  2. Connie says:

    You know… the blog could create a sideline business…. unearthing ‘treasures’ as props for B movies. Think of the service you would be providing. These items are removed from the thrift store circuit and with any luck, are destroyed during the movie production.

    • kathydeb says:

      I did reply that we would be happy to search for any bizarre thing that was needed for the set of a movie. I don’t think we would even recoup our expenses, but wouldn’t it be fun to look?

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