From Sweden With Hugs

Our readers are wonderful!  Take, for instance, IngerK from Sweden, who is 90% responsible for today’s post.  She was inspired to take her camera to thrift stores in Umeå, Sweden and boy, did she find see some awful things!  We can’t thank her enough for making our job so easy.  Plus, she takes really nice pictures; it makes me embarrassed about my own photography skills.

Inger calls this: A mysterious man on a beer keg.  That works for me:

1. ManHe kind of looks like a sidekick from an old western movie or TV show with his goofy hat.  I wasn’t able to tell what was in his hand, but it appears to be food and drink or maybe a badly rendered pipe.  All of that aside, what is going on with that keg?  At first I thought it could be one of those Catalan Christmas logs–Tió Nadal or the “pooping log”.  But no, if you look at the sides, it’s definitely a barrel with staves, not a log.  If any of you have a guess, be sure to let us know.

Next up is the “A tea light elephant that seems to have broken legs.”

.ElephantI wasn’t aware that elephants could even sit in that position!  Maybe he missed his seat on the log and ended up on the ground, which could account for the broken legs.  Elephants don’t strike me as the most flexible of creatures.

Of course the little bear is frightened … covered with crushed blue glass:

Frightend BearHe’s either scared or he’s telling on his big brother who is going to be in a whole lot of trouble!  If this were a Winnie the Pooh story, I’m sure honey would be involved, but I have no idea about where the crushed blue glass came from.

A poor little angel made of burlap fabric … and shells:

4. AngelShe wasn’t much to begin with, and now she is less with all those shells.  Of course, if a beachcomber Christmas is your thing, then you could put Shelly, the littlest angel, with this tree that I saw last week:

The things they do to shells!Oh, those poor shells!  People just need to stop using them this way; it’s not right!  I wonder how the shell tree ever made it to land-locked Colorado?  We are about as far from a beach as you can be, so why the heck would you want beach decor?

This next picture is “A man/woman with a creepy long tongue hanging on the wall. How to use it?”

TongueGood question, Inger.  I have no idea what this is supposed to be used for.  The wire loop near the top of the tongue looks like it is supposed to support something–but what?  Maybe “why?” is the better question.

Inger found this “creepy BIG porcelain pig” at a flea market in Wisconsin:

 PigSeems fitting that the state with the most taverns per capita would be the home of this terrifying pig.  Alcohol can be the only explanation for its appearance.

I just have one more picture to add to Inger’s post.  This little hat isn’t bad in any way:Little girl hatuntil it is paired with this lol cat picture:Mittens the DestroyerYou can now see why I wasn’t allowed to have children!  Just imagine a six-year-old telling her teacher that she is wearing the head of her enemy–that would be a fun meeting with the principal!

Thanks again Inger for all of your pictures–you are most welcome to the sisterhood of The Second Hand Roses!

We haven’t heard from a Shirley yet–if you would like to claim your hankie, email us at:


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2 Responses to From Sweden With Hugs

  1. Terri Gold says:

    The long tongue lady looked like a Pez dispenser at first glance. Perhaps she is supposed to be inserted into a glass and the ring hooks on to the side of the glass…where am I going with this?
    I love Mittens the Destroyer’s picture. So funny.
    Now, you realize that Colorado wasn’t always land locked, don’t you? These must be prehistoric shells thereby making the shell tree a very valuable piece of junque…unless the shells were purchased in Boca Raton.

    • kathydeb says:

      I would believe any cogent idea of the long tongued lady–beloved husband thought maybe you put your toothbrush in the wire loop! It’s so weird that anything could be possible! Glad you liked Mittens, he’s my kind of cat. Somehow I don’t think the shell tree is an artifact of the Paleozoic period–but I could be mistaken. 😉 Thanks so much for reading and sharing what you find interesting–you’re the best kind of reader!

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