Our Cup Runneth Over

We were totally overwhelmed (underwhelmed?) by the vast array of thrift store “delights” this week.  We actually found so much, that I had to pick and choose the best of the worst to present to you.  Don’t worry, even the dregs make it into the posts sooner or later, because we can’t be so blessed EVERY week.

I have to say this was probably my favorite find of the week.  I didn’t know Audrey II posed for her very own sculpture:

Carved WhatsitCome on, don’t see the resemblance?  Check it out when opened:

Audrey Jr. livesThe quality of the carving was amazing, so someone worked a really long time on it, but what do you do with it?  “Feed me, Seymour!”

On another wooden subject, you all should be VERY proud of Deb.  We found a bark and moss picture that she didn’t feel compelled to buy:

Bark and Moss PictureMight have something to do with the fact that her walls are groaning from the weight of the ones already hanging there, or maybe it was just that this one wasn’t the quality she was used to.  We did have to take a picture for posterity, as it is unusual, in that it is done in landscape mode.  For some reason, most of them are in portrait mode.

We had barely recovered from Audrey, when they wheeled out a new cart of goodies.  Often, we don’t feel like battling the hordes that attack every new cart that comes out, but this time the harpies were not circling, so we got first crack at this fine fellow:

Scuba Diving FrogReally, the frog needs a scuba tank?  I hope you can get an idea of the scale, as he was well over a foot high, and he might have needed the tank, as the minute this amphibian hit the water, he would have sunk, as he weighed a ton.  On the bright side, he would probably make a terrific anchor for your yacht.

If that scaly friend didn’t do it for you, check this out:

Nothing to see here, just a plain old mixing bowlPerfectly innocent mixing bowl you say?  Not so fast:

Eek, there's a lizard in my bowl!I happen to be very fond of lizards, and lizard-like things, but I would much rather find a live one in my mixing bowl, than this misguided attempt at one.  I hope this was a joke, because otherwise, the whole idea failed miserably.

Since we are still visiting the animal kingdom, we actually liked this crazy little bird basket:

Bird BasketryNot sure what this says about us, but we didn’t buy him, we just enjoyed the moment and moved on.  The whole experience was much better than the clock shelf this week:

The Raj is Alive and WellThey always put the clocks in one place, and we seriously, could have a bad clock of the week with very little effort, but since there were two, we decided to give it a go.  We hope the bowling one was a trophy, but I still think I would rather have a cheap tacky plastic trophy to dispose of than this.  The other one just didn’t know when to stop.  They kept piling decorations onto the top, hoping it would disguise the general wretchedness  of the whole thing.  And yet, it still isn’t pretty, or even mildly amusing.  Ah, me.  The worst thing about bad clocks, is that you keep having to refer to them to know what time it is.  Makes it really hard to ignore just how ugly they are.

No post is complete with some time in the yarn department.  This should keep you going for months though:

Bevy of Bed DollsEven if you put all this yarn together, and made the ghastliest sweater in the whole world, it would have more merit than this shelf of maidens.  At least the sweater would keep you warm.  These give you the chills!

On a more golden note, if anyone has the answer to the wire loops on these cherubs, let us know.  We speculated that they were for a decorative swag.  We also decided, that this would be the absolute BEST use for them, as if you draped the fabric through the wires and arranged it artfully, it could totally hide the brackets.  Of course, you could tie the curtain up with some string, thumbtack it to the wall, and have it look just as pretty.

Golden Cherub ShacklesOn a final note, this sign had us actually laughing out loud (as if we don’t do that constantly, but it did strike both our funny bones instantly):

There must be a better way to word this!Seems like some better wording would be in order.  After all, the store lets minors in on a regular basis.  Wouldn’t want to corrupt the young.

Keep an eye open for our upcoming third anniversary contest, and in the meantime, happy shopping!

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8 Responses to Our Cup Runneth Over

  1. tkarengold says:

    Adult soft? Is that referring to the result or the effort?

    • kathydeb says:

      Ohhh, good one! I don’t know why they had to put up a sign; of course adult hard is more valuable than adult soft! 😉

  2. Dang! I WANT that elephant clock! (I could so sell it in my steampunk shoppe!)

    And the book sign would have had me giggling and reaching for the camera, too.

    All of which reminds me that I’ve got a bunch of new pictures I’ve GOT to get loaded. Including a black velvet geisha. Perhaps this weekend.

    • kathydeb says:

      Sorry Shelia, the elephant is gone this week. If you see something you could sell, let us know and we can always look for it next week. Hope you get your pics loaded–a black velvet geisha sounds irresistible.

  3. Connie says:

    Oh… the bowling clock definitely looks like a homemade project… akin to something the ex-in-laws would have made. Though on the positive side, you could take it to the nearest bowling alley and smash it with a 16 lb. bowling ball (plus you get to take out the aggression at the thought of someone actually making this piece).

    I do have a soft spot for Audrey II, but not sure what I would do with it. Best to just gaze at the photo, then I won’t have to worry about dusting the darn thing.

    • kathydeb says:

      OMG, Audrey is still there; although I would have to agree that dusting her might be an all day project. Those spines are serious! We frequently think that smashing stuff from our blog would be therapeutic, but you would have to pay for it first.

  4. Robert Heckendorn says:

    I “love” the elephant clock too.

    • kathydeb says:

      You’re not alone–it was gone when I went by Goodwill on Wednesday! Wish I could have seen who picked it up–another reader thought she could sell it as steampunk decor.

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