Desperate Friday Finds

Argh!!!!  Shopping alone is so much harder.  I took the summer intern with me while he was still out of school, but he doesn’t appreciate the fine points of bad thrift store finds to their full extent yet, still he does try.  BUT … Deb is back, and the general public had better watch out this Friday.  We probably should have a page go before us, and send out a proclamation, or maybe that would be overkill?  So for this week, you get a few solo finds that still managed to find their way onto my poor camera, and then we pick up again.

First off, we don’t want you to think the thrift stores have a monopoly on bad decor.  We found this at one of the local “decorating” and craft stores:

Horsin' AroundBecause every home needs a horsey saddle on wheels?  The horse head, saddle, wheel, barrel, gun, and tail are all on one item, just in case it is hard to tell from the plethora of pseudo-western claptrap.  I can’t imagine anyone buying it new, but I am sure someone will, and next thing we know, it will be gracing the local thrift.  At least we hope no one wants to live with it for any length of time.

On the same trip, the summer intern spotted this poor fellow:

Run out on a railWe want to know what the poor deer did to get tarred and feathered!!  It must have been pretty heinous to get the full treatment.

Since we are taking a peek into the animal kingdom, what about this cat frame?

Catty wompusI am pretty sure momma cat got confused, and she is giving the local fox cub a good licking.  Pity the kitty that gets stuck in this frame.

This item had me pretty confused, but maybe it is from the animal category too.  Do you think it’s a cast of a bigfoot print?

Big FootThe brown stripe on the side is part of it too.  I suppose it is supposed to be a basket, but why a quarter of it, and out of plaster?  I obviously have seen too much cable TV to even have that idea enter into my deluded noggin.

These candles began to express my feelings:

WTFAll it needed was the F!!!  They were near the bigfoot, so maybe someone else thought the same thing.

These shoes say it all:

Read My ShoesWell, actually, I don’t know what they say, but can you imagine everyone you meet bending over to look at your feet?  Maybe they are for those overly endowed females that are tired of getting their upper half ogled exclusively.

I know we were supposed to swear off these, but this one had me giggling.  So what does this say?  Happy Birthday, here’s a stick of dynamite?

BangJust needs the Acme logo on the side, and it would be the perfect gift from Wile E. to the Road  Runner.

Sometimes dishes are good, sometimes they are bad, and sometimes they are ugly.  Here is the bad and the ugly:

On a PlatterThere is nothing nice to say about this plate, and to top off the insult, all that cross-hatching on the plate is texture, so if you were to make the colossal mistake of actually placing something on it, you could never get it clean again without scrubbing each crack with a toothbrush.  Just take it out and use it as a clay pigeon.  Much easier.

On the other hand, how pretty is this?

In Good TasteI love old china, and it’s a good thing I don’t have room, or I would have oodles of these pretty covered dishes.  They have good lines in the shapes, and the decals are sweet and understated.

So on that happy note, I will leave you this week.  Look out world, we are on the loose for next week!

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4 Responses to Desperate Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    My hubby buys horrible ceramics at thrift stores and sends them to friends for target practice (no… he REALLY does that). And to make the ‘gifts’ even more special, he seeks out items that speak to specific fears. Example: one friend has an aversion to clowns, so they get ceramic clowns… so in a way, hubby is trying to rid the thrift store community of bad pottery, albeit one piece at a time.

    • kathydeb says:

      Todd, you sir are a boon to mankind! Please don’t hesitate to call upon our shopping skills if you ever require assistance in this noble endeavor.

      • Connie says:

        We both are always looking for itty bitty, tiny ceramics. You know, the kind you can take over to friends house, place on a shelf when they are not looking and walk away. Then weeks later when dusting happens, they will wonder when they bought this piece or did Aunt So-n-So give it to them for Christmas? Bad ceramics…confuse your friends and amuse yourself.

      • kathydeb says:

        He, he, he. You know that Kathy and I may never notice one more tchotchke in our tchotchke-riffic homes!

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