Ghosts of Christmas Past, Thank Goodness!

One of the funny things about Christmas decorations, is their inability to be thrown away.  I think we are all guilty of keeping things around long past their usefulness or relevance, but Christmas seems to haunt us with more than the usual longevity.

Take this poor angel:

Woozy Angel

Who in their right mind would keep the poor tipsy dear past the first desperate urge to have an angel on top of the tree?  And yet, years later, here she is.

If that doesn’t make you go hmmmm.  Try these pink and and pale green snowmen (the photo actually toned down the color a bit, they were hot pink and lime green).  No, they were not faded from long diligent service each Christmas in the sun.  Nope, just goofy colored times two.  Not to mention, they are the most canine-looking snowmen I have seen since Snoopy did a self-portrait in snow:

They're twinsWe always find an entire party’s worth of ugly sweaters left over from LAST year’s ugly sweater parties.  Really, just wear the same one again, and don’t pollute the world with yet another one.  I certainly hope this was a winner, as it must have been a bear to get a coat on over it.  Gives a new meaning to the term “stuffed shirt”:

Ugly Sweater ContestantOn the other hand, we’re terribly grateful that these were not tossed with last year’s tinsel.  How cute are these?  If we both didn’t have enough Christmas decorations to cover the White House, we might have had to own these:

Vintage snowglobe lights

Snowglobe close-up  Snowglobe close-up2

Each tiny little scene was different, and lit up by its own bulb.

We also fell in love with this little skiing Santa.  The roof folded out, you pulled Santa to the end of his string, and while a music box played Up on the Housetop, Santa skied up the roof.  We were saved from this one by the thrift store’s $19.99 price tag.

Skiing SantaOK, enough cute goodies, we don’t want to spoil you.  For all those redneck folks on your ornament gift list, we present the following:

Nothing says Christmas like shotgun shells and barbed wireWe only hope they are unloaded, but then again, these might keep the ammo handy in case of one of those midnight possum raids.

I don’t know where to start for this next photo.  I guess we can all be thankful there wasn’t an electrical outlet nearby, as being blindsided by ugliness and glaring light all at once might cause some serious retinal damage.  You can definitely tell that the same taste in decorating pulled all these off the shelf at the local five and dime:

Illuminated Angel HeadIf this next entry had not been at a totally different sale, we would have lumped it in with the above photo.  A kissing wind chime?  Not even a decent kissing bough, as there is no mistletoe in sight.  Plus, who wants something that makes noise and gets you caught stealing a kiss?  Where’s the fun in that?

Well, it’s large (compare Kathy’s hand to the bells) and it’s striped.  Now what?  You could keep it near the door and fight off those unwanted relatives without leaving marks, or maybe it should be used to start the Christmas bonfire.  I don’t think a plain old yule log fire would rid the world of it fast enough:

Gigantic wheatstraw candycaneWe must confess here to a certain morbid fascination with this angelic relic.  The mind boggled at just the thought of it actually lit up.  Yes, all those lines down the outside are fiber optics.  Whoever had the bright idea (I suppose that pun was intended) to use fiber optics for decorative purposes should be made to repeat the 70s over and over again.  Disco anyone?

Fiberoptic  Victorian Angel  Mayo art 104

We think we interrupted a support group for bad Santas here.  We didn’t even have to rearrange, other than to get them a bit more into camera-facing positions.  Two of them are flat enough to be roadkill Santas, a weird twist on Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.  It was probably The Little Old Lady From Pasadena.   The third one just looks evil.  He has designs on the scotch, never mind the milk and cookies.

A trio of SantasHope this motivates you to clean out the Christmas box.  Yeah, it didn’t work with me either!!  Till next week.

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4 Responses to Ghosts of Christmas Past, Thank Goodness!

  1. Connie says:

    Egad! The angel indeed snuck an extra 2 or 3 cups of eggnog. She looks like she is three sheets to the wind. Fortunately, someone removed her from the tree-top, otherwise, she may have tumbled down herself..

  2. Connie says:

    Oh… and the large Christmas scene balls/bulbs are adorable. I bet they would look great in a tree. How fun… but alas, I also have enough ornaments that I could decorate all the White House Christmas trees and still have enough leftover to decorate my humble abode.

    • kathydeb says:

      I was mightily tempted, but there is no room on the tree, no matter how cool an ornament or light is. I had never seen anything quite like this light set before.

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