Fashion Doll Pattern Palooza

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago, how we had hit a sale with more patterns than we had ever seen.  I was absolutely tickled to pieces to find a whole passel of Fashion Doll patterns, as I have a weakness for them, and have only several boxes full of them.  It is a rare day when I find ones I don’t already own, so it was amazing to find so many new ones in one place.  Not to mention that I spent a grand total of $5.00 on the whole shebang, and I’m not showing the odd other patterns that don’t fit into this category.  Guess I’m set to torture future generations with piles of bad fashions, or just have fun looking.

Here is the whole pile in all its glory:

The basic pattern envelope types, I already owned, except for the case one on the far right.  This little girl looks like she has evil on her mind.  I see a hair cut on a naked doll in the future:

Here is the whole houseful of Annie’s Attic patterns.  It never crossed my mind to crochet furniture for my dolls.  I am pretty sure there is a reason for this:

Here are a couple of close-ups, to illustrate my point:

Really? A crocheted stove?  The rug is cute, and the curtains are fine, can even get behind the potholders, but some of it is just plain goofy.

Even Babs can’t escape the horrible southwest:

Funny, it’s not improved by being in 1/6th scale. [Deb’s B.H. pointed out that it’s improved in 1/6th scale only because there is 5/6th less of it!]

I did succumb to a couple of these patterns anyway, and whipped out these two pillows:

Not bad, and some fun new stitches.

This pair of patterns was in a totally new style for me.  Each one had a mix and match of bodice and skirt patterns, and you just chose the ones you wanted, and put them together.  Kind of a cool concept:

Now I am not sure how successful this pattern is.  They are advertised inside as being Channel style suits.  Well, only if Channel had a thing for felt:

But I have to admit that the photo is just plain darling.

Speaking of cute, check out the hats on this one:


May have to give this one a try.  It gets huge brownie points just for darling illustrations.

As opposed to this pattern.  The only saving grace of this one, is that they didn’t feel the need to torture Ken with a matching Raggedy Andy outfit:

If Ken succeeded in ducking the Raggedy outfit, he did get stuck in the crocheted tux:

How come the bridal gowns work, and the suits just look odd?

There were several of these trousseau patterns.  The illustrations are lovely.  Not sure how good the patterns are, but the ideas are fun:

Again, I think these were the kind advertised in the back of magazines, and you sent away for them.  Seems like this kind of pattern rarely survives.

There were also a couple of magazines with doll patterns.  This McCall’s magazine did a much better job on the knit fashions:

The sewed patterns were a definite miss.  Poor folks.  They might as well be wearing gunnysacks:

If Ken and Babs’ plastic faces could cringe, I am sure they would.  I did enjoy the lovely brunette American Girl in this photo though. Wish she would come live at my house.

Well, I had better sign off, looks like I have a ton of sewing in my future!  Please feel free to pass on any info you might have on any of the mail-away patterns; would love to hear from you.

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8 Responses to Fashion Doll Pattern Palooza

  1. Terri Gold says:

    These are wonderful!!!! Congratulations on the fabulous find. Crochet doll clothes made me hate anything crocheted.

    • kathydeb says:

      Thanks, we knew those patterns were just waiting for us! Even more than the doll clothes, crocheted furniture and appliances bother us–ugh.

  2. Connie says:

    I think I know why the crocheted suit on Ken doesn’t work. The pants, sleeves and jacket appear to be too short giving the suit a I-just-took-this-out-of-the-hamper-look or this-was-the-only-suit-left-at-the-tux-rental-store.

    • kathydeb says:

      The fit sure could be better. The texture of the yarn also bothers me–it should be really fine and the maker should use a teeny-tiny hook.

  3. Sheila McClune says:

    Something about the crocheted stove made me want to laugh hysterically…

    • kathydeb says:

      You know you want to–give in to the laughter! When showing the stove pic to B.H., I laughed so hard at his expression I had tears running down my face.

  4. Connie says:

    I hate to admit it, but after looking at the patterns again, I just realized that I had a sweater just like the one on the right in “Winter Sports” McCall’s (and it was for me… not a doll).

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