Let’s Count our Blessings

Since this is the season of gratitude, I will submit that most people out there are glad that 2012 is almost over.  It’s been a trying year at best, and being the eternal optimist, I’m sure that a year ending in 13 will be better!

You know, it’s a good thing to remind people to be grateful for all of their blessings, but I’m pretty sure the creator of this vignette didn’t notice the irony inherent in the design:

I’m certain that the turkey isn’t the least bit grateful for his fate.  Good thing that the domestic turkey is as dumb as a bag of hammers, and has no clue what’s in store.  I’m also grateful that my eyes are actually nearly level, unlike the poor woman on the plaque.

It’s not just turkeys who get abused this time of the year:

Another cause for thanks is not being a “decorative” gourd.  These candlesticks aren’t enhanced by the snowman-like stack of gourds, or the randomly attached acorns; in fact they sort of creep me out.  I expect those top gourds to swivel around and stare me down over dinner, especially after a couple of medicinal glasses of wine.

Oh, how grateful we are that the 1970’s are gone:

That’s the only era in recent memory where a combination of harvest-gold and fluorescent hunter’s orange were considered decorative.  Well to be fair, I may have to include the late 1960’s too.  Does anyone else think that turkey has a peacock or quail vibe?

I’m grateful for the laugh this pilgrim turkey piñata provided:

It wasn’t his appearance (although that too is amusing) so much as the mental image of children bashing the piñata and being covered with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, and cranberry sauce.  It’s always interesting when cultures collide.

What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?  Anything but these boots or a bad pilgrim’s hat would be a good start:

It sure wouldn’t be nice of a guest to unsettle everyone’s stomach by introducing those boots into the mix.  Their design is reminiscent of a Thanksgiving feast meeting a bad case of stomach flu, at which point you might be grateful for boots.

This cute little papoosie reminds us that the Pilgrims weren’t the only folks at the first Thanksgiving:

I love her little rawhide and wood cradle.

I’m sure Kathy’s Star Spangled Dolls would have taken her in, and raised her with appropriate levels of cultural sensitivity:

Several years ago, Kathy found the turkey platter of all turkey platters at Savers.  [Kathy: It was a yard sale for $5.00, and I manfully tried to resist it, as it is big enough to put a solid 30 lb bird on it, but dang it was cool.  It even has squirrels on the border.]

This Johnson Brothers platter has it all, and is our gold standard for Turkey Day wares.  Once you see something this good, you realize just how bad some of our “turkeys” are.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone; we hope you are all just where you want to be, and celebrating Thanksgiving with those who mean the most to you!

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2 Responses to Let’s Count our Blessings

  1. Connie says:

    The pilgrims in the “Give Thanks” plaque are oddly reminiscent of South Park’s portrayal of Canadians.

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