On and Off the Wall

We have been accused on a regular basis of being a little off the wall.  Why not have a post dedicated to it?  The local thrift yielded a plethora of finds this week, so let’s dive right in.

The first entry in our wall art category is this cement block.  OK, so it doesn’t fit that description, but it would work just dandy for your basic mob hit involving a river and a weighted block.  Just tie this puppy on, and let it sink.  Better yet, just throw the pot in:

Really, the thing weighed a ton, as it was all in 3D.  Not sure why this was necessary. See:

Either make a tea pot, or make a plaque.  Pick one!

This next was the case of the appearing wall art.  We spotted one of these, and by the time we were through, we had three of them.  Makes you wonder if some little Japanese lady was in the back turning them out:

The pictures were hand painted, embroidered, and had small slivers of wood making the trees and things.  Sort of interesting, but seems like they could have just painted them and made them prettier.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

So we moved on and then caught a glimpse this pair.  These birds are made of nothing but wood.  We were beginning to think we had a real theme here:

Just when we thought we had seen it all, we spied this lovely lady:

She’s kinda cool, right?

Now look closely:

She is made of butterfly wings.  We thought this one was actually pretty, and the only thing that might make it onto one of our walls, if it weren’t for the fact that they are so covered in artwork, that we have forgone the need to paint ever again.  We are absolutely positive that someone’s whole collection had been deposited in the bins.  Don’t you think these all had to belong to the same person?

Before we hit the thrifts, we noticed an estate sale that said they had craft supplies, patterns, fabric, etc.  They might as well just put a note in the paper saying, “Calling Deb and Kathy, spend your money here!”  With our usual optimism, we headed out, and hit the mother lode.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many craft patterns in one place.  We have a full post just on doll patterns and Christmas patterns that we picked up, but for today we wanted to include some of the less successful items seen there.

The doll patterns were mostly pretty cool, so you would think there might have been some nice dolls there.  WRONG!

This girl even attempted to wink at us and get us to take her home:

Either that, or she just has a permanent squint.  There really ought to be a law against bad clones, but they just keep coming:

Barbie’s bastard sisters are always particularly bad.  They look like they are forcing the happiness, while really seething inside about that b*tch that has everything, and they are just stuck modeling Grandma’s bad yarn castoffs.

Here was one pattern we were hoping would still be there at the end of the day:

It says these are the “sweetest clowns ever”.  Sort of like saying Circus Peanuts Candy is the most delightful sweet ever.  Ugh …

After the clowns, we were in need of a good stiff drink, so we went to the fridge:

We guess you need someplace to display those magnets for sale!  Sort of a funny thing to find in the middle of the thrift store, but it made us laugh.  Still in search of the drink we toddled off to find some ice.  After seeing the offerings for storing our ice, we decided the drink might need to be a double:

I detected the green one first, and then my poor horrified eyes wandered to the left.  Not even sure I could pick a winner here, and I don’t think a single one of them would have gotten better, even with 80 proof moonshine.  Well, they might improve if you were completely passed out, but that seems a bit extreme.

Guess we might as well end the post with an owl. They are cropping up everywhere, and the bad ones are even starting to hit the thrifts already.  Such a fickle public:

If you ask me, I wouldn’t have even let this one stop a minute in my jewel box before heading to the thrift.  Just leave Aunt Mabel’s, and head right on over with the gifts; immediate recycling is your only option.

Hope you have a terrific week.  Be sure and check out our annual trotting out of the Thanksgiving Turkeys early next week, and we will be back, on Friday, with our regular post.

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