Halloweenies II

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  The urgency of spring and summer is gone, and you can take a nice long walk and kick leaves, without thinking about your to-do list.

Here are some of the signs of fall in the Centennial State:

We don’t get the wonderful oranges and reds of the oaks and maples back east, but against Colorado’s beautiful blue skies, the colors really pop.

Another sign of the advancing fall are houses all ready for Halloween:

And then there is the sure-fire sign of Halloween, at least in Colorado:

Kids here never get to trick-or-treat without wearing a winter coat over their adorable costumes.  At least we only got a sprinkling of snow, but it’s still rude, considering it was 72°F just a few days ago.

Of course the thrift stores are full discarded Halloween trimmings, and usually we know why they were tossed:

In fact, we often wonder why they were purchased in the first place.  Who wouldn’t want a 2½′ tall, pastel and bright orange pumpkin hobo standing in their front yard?  The face is super creepy, but the weirdest thing about this creature is that he isn’t wearing fall colors.  What holiday is associated with soft greens, blues, and yellows–Halloween?  I think not!

While I was gone, Kathy and a friend were shopping and found this cat:

It’s hard to know where to start–separately each part of this creature is OK, but together it is bewildering.  Is the pumpkin the cat’s costume?  Why does the cat have stigmata?  And please, someone tell me that this whole mess doesn’t have a plug to put the whole thing over the rainbow and straight into Oz.

This is right out of some Halloween sadist’s imagination:

Can’t you see it carefully placed in a bush with a motion detector attached?  The poor kids will be running home to change their costume after having the bejebus scared out of them.

Here is the costume version of angry birds:

If I saw this face coming towards me, it would be time to beat feet!  It looks like a prop from one of those bad Syfy movies: Roostergeddon–the Eggpocalypse is Coming
(to a television near you).

To put us back into the holiday spirit, let’s have a look at this:

It isn’t particularly bad or good, just awfully silly, and I can’t look at it without smiling.  Obviously, it’s some kid’s craft project, which gives it immunity from our snarkiness (at least that’s the theory).

Here are a couple of costume pieces to get you started on that award-winning costume:

The possibilities of this coat are amazing:  you could be a muppet, a hooker or pimp, a character from Where the Wild Things Are, Tina Turner in matching hair and fur coat, a purple M&M that got dropped in the carpet (ok, I’m reaching here) and tons of other stuff that I haven’t drunk enough coffee to think of.

This pair of shorts could be pretty versatile too:

Wearing lederhosen, you could be: a traditional Bavarian man, or boy, depending how short the lederhosen are on you, a decidedly nontraditional Bavarian woman, a character from The Sound of Music, or a variation on Ken in Switzerland to go with your lovely Barbie in Switzerland partner.

That’s it for this post; we wish you all a funtastic and safe Halloween.  Remember to just say “Boo!”

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4 Responses to Halloweenies II

  1. Connie says:

    Sigh… snow… yes, the ultimate harbinger that Halloween is just around the corner. And given all the projects I have to do at home, it may be my only decoration for the holiday.

  2. Heh. A couple of years ago, we found a “hedge monster” at Target–a little gizmo you attach to a bush or shrub with twist ties, and then when someone passes near the shrub, it “wakes up”, flashes glowing eyes at you, shakes the bush, and cackles maniacally. We’ve gotten some good screams out of that one, let me tell you! It’s so much fun, we bought a second one on clearance last year. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

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