We Take the Good with the Bad

I have a couple of guiding principles in life:  it’s always better if you can laugh; one day at a time; and how do you know you’re having good times if you’ve never had bad times?  You know, that last one sounds like a country song.  These guidelines also serve me well while wading through piles of junk looking for that one gem.  In fact, the one about laughing is probably the foundation of this blog, if the truth be known.

Last week we found a lot of good at a fun estate sale that has been going on for more than a month.  The family opened the house, and we could see that the dearly departed was a sister of our tribe–the Omnium-Gatherum.

While we’ve run into bits and pieces of this set, we’ve never seen one in a box:

A pity that a dish and a holder are missing.  I have to say that, unlike many kitchen sets and gadgets, these corn on the cob sets actually function as advertised–they reduce the mess of this summer treat.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to have both of these in a kitchen:

The tiny one is adorable, but you could just make less coffee in the big pot.

We were told that the clothing and jewelry were upstairs.  We sure didn’t expect the amazing collection we found:

This picture in no way does justice to this luscious purple silk velvet coat; even the lining was a fabulous gray satin.  I could have petted it all day long–I adore vintage velvet.  If that weren’t enough, it had fabulous buttons on the back.  With all the people around, I only took one flash picture, so you’ll just have to imagine the buttons yourself.  If it hadn’t been $75, I would have bought it just to roll around on.

There were racks of clothing and hats.  We pulled out just a couple of sample dresses:

There were hats and shoes to match it all, especially the red dress.  While checking out, we suggested to the sellers that they contact the local university if they have left-over clothing.  The school has a collection of antique and vintage clothing, and many of these items would fit right in.

I’m sneaking a true confession in right here; I bought a broken belt buckle at this sale.  Once you see it, I’m sure you’ll know why:

This bakelite dog does have a couple of problems that are outweighed by his goofy personality.  I was cleaning him, and trying to decide how to remove the back, when it popped right off.  That doesn’t happen often enough when I’m “fixing” things:

Now I need to finish cleaning him and glue a clasp to the back.  He will be a stand out in my pack of dog pins.

Kathy:  I have a true confession from the same sale, so might as well show it.  I have a teeny tiny obsession with Jackalopes , and I have several of them.  I found one this past summer made of plastic, and thought it was funny and doll size, so I picked it up.  I was tickled to find almost exactly the same animal in porcelain at this sale.  What is really odd is that they are the same improbable shade of blue.  Who knew they came in blue?  Both of them are about an inch and a half long.  The plastic one is in the back.  Methinks there was some mold stealing going on.

Well enough good; we don’t want to spoil you.  Goodwill never fails to provide at least a couple of pieces of blog fodder:

If he were making me a drink, I would say, “Make it a double, Precious!”

The peculiar bartender wasn’t the only strange picture we saw:

We understand cultural differences, but that doesn’t explain what is going on here.  This picture is labeled Korean Traditional Wedding / First Night, Honeymoon, and whatever they’re doing, he’s enjoying it way more than she is.

Kathy likes cats a LOT, but she didn’t much care for these:

I hope this is a kid’s set, because otherwise it’s so cute, it makes your teeth hurt.

If it were up to us, no one would ever make another clown thing, or a planter like this:

When would you give this to someone?  “Sorry you got caught with your pants down”, “Hope your hemorrhoid surgery went well”, or “Happy colonoscopy!”

This post is a short one because we keep finding our kind of Halloween decorations–horrifying on many levels.  Be on your guard for a couple of scary posts later this month.

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4 Responses to We Take the Good with the Bad

  1. Connie says:

    As a fellow sister of the tribe, I have to admit that the itty bitty coffee pot would have went home with me. It is just so darn cute and may even help me with the on-going task of reducing my coffee in-take. To me, coffee pots are like purses. The larger they are, the more coffee they hold… and I just can’t bring myself to make less coffee in a big pot.

  2. Yikes! I think that picture is part of a set. Here’s one I found:

    Is It Just Me...

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