Falling Friday Finds

Ah … fall.  We are having a lovely warm fall, with the leaves turning a wonderful golden color.  No frost as yet, but we are due soon.  We both love fall, but it is a bittersweet time of year for us, as it means the end of garage sale season.  Not that we don’t have plenty of thrifts to fill the vast void of ugliness, but it keeps us from seeing things like this.

Remember the Pink Panther garage with the nasty gold decoration from last week?  Well, if you guessed that no one in their right mind would buy the nasty gold decoration, you win the pot.  It showed up at our local Goodwill!

Where, I am sure, it jumped into some woman’s cart that was filled with all the gilded claptrap she could find, and did finally find a home.  What is it about Goodwill that makes people lose their inhibitions when it comes to gold leaf?

We will probably get the joy of seeing these charmers next week at Goodwill too, as they are gilded, in poor taste, and were totally overpriced at the estate sale where we discovered them:

This is another one of those cases where they seem harmless enough from a distance, say the next door neighbor’s house, but up close they just get worse:

I guess you could always pretend to be the Duke of Disgrace or something, and pass them off as the old family crest.  Deb here, and I just can’t resist commenting that this lion seems naughty to me; Beloved Husband points out that he is rampant.

Years ago, Deb and I read a story about a lady who collected Last Supper items.  It is a VERY good thing that she is not a personal friend, as we would be gifting her with all sorts of things for her collection, to the point where she would probably have to go into the Witness Protection Program, just to get away from us.  I have to admit this item would have been absolutely irresistible:

And no, it’s not just a decorative wall plate, it’s a vase.  I have the proof.

So just imagine it with a lovely bundle of dusty plastic flowers to really get the full effect.  That might have been uncalled for, so please don’t hurt yourself.

The makers of the Chia Pet have a LOT of bad taste to answer for, but even they might have to slow it down, if they got a look at this:

Maybe they could sell it as an aftermarket use for all those unsprouted heads.  You get chia seeds and all the yarn you need for later on.  By the way, we’re totally undecided on the horse thingy beside ol’ Chia Shrek.  It’s sort of like a modernistic Scandinavian horse deco whatsis.  Feel free to pass on your thoughts on the subject.  [BTW, no we didn’t notice the cow behind Shrek, which speaks volumes on the effect he had on both of us!]

We decided that this basket was way scarier than all the Halloween decorations sitting around it:

I think it deserved to sit next to that ugly owl candle, although the owl is giving it a nervous sideways glance, as if he doesn’t trust it much either.  If the shelf collapsed with both of them on it, it would be no great loss, and might even make the world a better place for humanity.

We loved this cute little Depression-era green candy dish:

We were glad to see they had fastened the lid down, so it wouldn’t get broken, and if either of us had any Kermit green decor in our homes, it might have come home with one of us.

This leads me to a true confession on my part.  This next one did come home with me, but I am going to blame my hubby and son, who were totally fascinated by it, and really insisted I get it.  You gotta admit, it is amusing:

It’s all plastic, and when you push down on the plunger piece in the center, it does this:

The lady at the sale said they used it for olives.  Works for me.  Here’s hoping all your finds are good ones, and if not, you know where to send the photos.

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4 Responses to Falling Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    I have to admit, I am intrigued by the ‘olive’ dish as well. It is rather whimsical, plus it does a trick!

  2. LOL! The olive dish is a definite WIN!

    Gotta post pics of the horrors I found the other day….

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