Nearly Expired Friday Finds

I can finally share some old finds from my time in Rochester.  What was stopping me, you warily ask?  I was so preoccupied with family problems that I left my laptop at an AmericInn hotel.  I called them on Saturday from my sister’s house in a panic, and was assured that the laptop would be shipped to me as soon as the manager came in on Monday.  After nine days of calling and waiting, they finally put my laptop in the mail and it arrived safely.  Their excuse for not shipping my laptop was “no one had ever left anything so valuable before.”  To be absolutely fair, they haven’t charged me for shipping even though I gave them my credit card number and urged them to use FedEx to pick up/ship my laptop.  Last time I checked, even snail mail charged a fee for moving items state to state.  Beloved Husband calculated that my laptop traveled, on average, 4.6 mph during its adventure.

It was great to wander Savers even if it was only for two weeks.  I couldn’t help but be perplexed by these two hats, or whatever they might be:

They were only about 2/3 the size of an Asian woven hat, so maybe they were really broken parasols.  Well, they are fair game now and can be whatever their new owner wants them to be–go crazy, Rochesterites.

Kathy and I frequently wonder just what is going on in thrift store employees’ minds as they shelve merchandise:

Why is there a plaster Art Deco panther partnered with dolls?  If he were turned the other way, it would look like he was sizing up the dollies for a meal.  Something strange happened after I took this picture.  I was further down the aisle taking another picture when I noticed a man posing the panther and then taking a picture.  I thought, “what the heck?”, pondered for a couple of minutes, and then walked back to talk to him about what he was doing.  In the meantime, he walked around the end cap.  When I stepped around said end cap, I couldn’t find him; we’ll never know for sure what he was doing.

Who doesn’t think of great patriots from American history while knocking back a whiskey?

In fact, I’m pretty sure the guy on the far left has had just a little too much, to judge from his crossed eyes.  I would have a difficult time enjoying a drink under the critical eyes of John Hancock or Patrick Henry.  Give me sobriety or give me death!

At the Rochester Goodwill, they had this great idea for cleaning out a display case:

I wish that our local thrift stores would indulge in some cabinet cleaning, particularly ARC. Overpriced stuff stays in their big upright display cases forever!

Walking down an aisle, I was momentarily nonplussed by something I caught out of the corner of my eye.  Can you tell what it was?

Here, I’ll give you a hint:

I’m not sure what these three things are, and I sure as shootin’ wasn’t going to touch or put my face near them!  I just can’t conceive what decorative purpose these brown torpedo-shaped things might serve.

Young Sleeping Beauty might have benefited from practicing on this Remco facsimile:

It was about a foot and a half tall and in fairly good shape.  According to this ad on Etsy, it was made in the 1970’s and it is functional, working on the same principle as a spool knitter.

This was never good, and now it is even worse for the addition of pink silk flowers:

Ick, ickity, ick!  Maybe the only acceptable use for fake brass roses would be out in the garden to provide some winter interest.  Then, exposure to the elements would take its toll, and these could crumble into metallic dust, which would be an improvement.

I wanted to thank my dear sister-in-law for sharing some lovely porcelain jointed dolls that were owned by a great-aunt:

Dorothy isn’t sure where Aunt Do got these dolls, but she kept them very carefully for many, many years in bags; they look to be from the 1920’s to me.  Dorothy theorized that the dolls could have been a gift to Aunt Do for being a bridesmaid.

I love this little gal’s paper dress–yes paper!  It’s pleated, sewn, and embroidered if you can imagine.  If anyone knows anything about these dolls, please contact me at or through the blog’s contact us feature.  I’ll be sure to share whatever I hear!

Thanks for reading, and as always, we would love to see whatever horrors you come across when shopping.

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4 Responses to Nearly Expired Friday Finds

  1. tkarengold says:

    Out of everything, I like the display case. Hehe. I think the brown things must be fake sausages from a restaurant display???

    • kathydeb says:

      We would be so lucky if they were “display” sausages or brats. Oh no, you’ve opened a whole new line of thought–they could be “display … “. Remember, Rochester MN is a medical town, so the list is endless! ;- ) Thanks for reading.

  2. silkstone001 says:

    loved those dolls and those brass roses would be pretty in an arrangement problem is you have to have more of them lol now don’t go finding anymore lol

    • kathydeb says:

      Glad you loved the dolls–I love them too!! Boy I have problems visualizing the brass roses, but then I’m terrible at arranging flowers so you’re probably right. ;- )

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