It Takes Two … To Write a Post

I want to thank everyone for hanging in with us while I was out-of-town with my sister; she is doing better every day, which is a relief.  Things are slowly getting back to normal here in Colorado; yeah it’s still hot, and we are in a drought, but at least Kathy and I can go shopping together.  Hmm, we might need to reassess our priorities … right after our Friday shopping date.

Since we each have a few pictures from solo shopping trips, you’re getting another blended blog post–I’ll go first!

I’m not a big monkey fan:

and golfing monkeys are the worst.  This thing is so unrealistic–no monkey would be caught dead in that outfit!

This house painting has no label or signature:

but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating its 1950’s style.  If I could have a cabin in the woods, hopefully it might look like this minus all the tire rubber on the driveway.

Thrift stores are getting out their Halloween costumes, and that doesn’t usually include haute couture:


These two vintage fashion faux pas would cause heads to turn at any time of the year.  I apologize that the jacket isn’t as ugly in my picture as it was in person.  Sometimes my camera just will not replicate hideous colors, even using natural light.  Send your appreciative comments to Canon.

This next piece of clothing is pretty darn efficient:

Now we can save seconds every day by not having to dry off after bathing; just slip your towel robe on, and dry off on the way to your closet.

Here’s another vintage “fashion don’t” that hit the racks in Ft. Collins:

There are at least 15 too many ruffles on the top of this dress.  It just couldn’t have been attractive on.  Guess at least if the top is so disturbing, it would make the eyes stray to other parts of the body.  Hope she had a really pretty face.

I’ll take a friendly face where ever I see it:

This is a faucet at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester that tickled my funny bone.  If it could talk, I’m sure it would say, “I love my job!”

It’s that “time” again.  Yes, we have clocks this week.  I made the mistake of thinking that this clock was sort of fun:

Which it is, especially if Tiki Time includes a tropical drink in an appropriate glass with a paper umbrella.  But, the above clock caused me to go closer to the shelf, which allowed me to get the full effect of this other clock:

Could it get any more golden or tacky?  I had acute remorse that Deb was not with me to see this thing in person.  It really does rank right up there with some of the awfullest things I have ever seen.  Keep in mind this was lightweight gilded plastic with a 3D clock face full of nasty silk flowers.  Shudder.

Still reeling from the effects of the clock, I came upon this fellow:

It’s kinda ugly–can’t think why you would want it on your wall, and if you did, the thing must weigh about eight pounds.  Large chunks of drywall would be pulled off, and knowing my luck, the stupid thing would land on my foot, and give me a permanent limp.

Just one more cute thing, so we don’t leave you with too bad a taste in your mouth.  This also called out to me for Deb, as she has a thing for cute pooches, and who could resist this face?

We have some fun posts coming up in the next weeks including the art of the Mayo Clinic (really, it’s amazing) and at least one Halloween post in October.  Stay tuned so you don’t miss a thing.

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