A Little Bit From Here, A Little Bit From There

Since we are still parted by sad circumstance this week, Kathy and I decided to each contribute our mite to a southwest-midwest banquet of a post.

One of my sisters recommended the St. Vincent de Paul store as a big thrift with a wide variety of offerings–both good and bad.  I found St. Vinny’s to be a big, clean, well-organized thrift store with lots of nice items, and thankfully several of our favorite kinds of finds.

Love must have been on the mind of the shelvers when this shelf was stocked:

Quite the eclectic pairs of lovers; my favorite duo are probably pretty easy to guess.  The way the little lady squirrel is looking off to the side is probably bad news for her man; she obviously sees a little something she likes on the next shelf over.  I’m not even sure we can call the pair in white pants a couple, since it’s obvious from his face that he has other romantic inclinations.  Doesn’t it look like the makers used the same face mold for those two–they look eerily similar.

Here is a little lady obviously looking for love and she isn’t shy about it either.  I’m not sure what is going to turn up for her at St. Vinnies:

Even though I don’t watch the Jersey Shore, this little troll sure reminds me of Snookie.

I guess even angels can wish for a vacation:

This little gal looks thrilled to be on a deserted beach enjoying the sun.  Can’t say as I blame her, but it is worrisome when you need a vacation from Heaven.  Didn’t even have to move a thing to snap this picture, which makes it a strange pairing.

I’m not sure what the creator was shooting for with this next thing, but there’s no doubt they missed:

There is just too much going on here with the rabbit ears, marabou, tulle, and a cape, for Pete’s sake.  Can you even guess at the sex of this poor mixed-up duck?  Good grief, pull yourself together and take off an accessory or two!

This next picture makes me wonder about what problem caused this response:

You see these pavers all over Marquette MI in the older parts of town.  Was there a T.B. scare or was the town overrun with tobacco-chewing ruffians?  My sister thinks these sidewalks were probably laid in the 1920’s, so that doesn’t really help us too much.  T.B. sanitariums were going strong then, and so was chewing tobacco.  Oh well, I didn’t see anyone spitting while walking the mean streets.

I realized that Deb must have forgotten my “Don’t Spit on the Sidewalk” brick from a previous post.  Apparently they proliferate all over the country.

Poor Deb was away from town when our very most favorite sale came up.  The Unitarian Church sale is the mother of all garage sales around here, and an eagerly awaited event.  Finally took a photo of the interior of the church:

The room beyond the glass wall is full of household items, there is a large room off to the left that is full of books and pictures, and a whole ’nother building filled with craft stuff, toys, holiday decorations, outdoor goodies, you name it.

In honor of Deb’s being gone, the sale was not nearly as good as in years past.  They had upped a lot of their prices, and I passed on a whole lot of stuff.  Didn’t even find a trove of blog photos, but a couple did make the list.

For the 70’s housewife that was too lazy to clean ANYTHING, we have these charming paper placemats:

At least they were all still in the package.  Apparently, she never had anyone over who was so messy, she felt the need to use them.  They sure would have been fun with her paper plates, and that nifty fashion statement, the paper dress.

I also saw this little collection of Calico Cats:

I have to admit to being strangely drawn to them, but at the prices they were marked, I was able to valiantly resist.

The summer intern and I did hit the garage sales on Saturday, and are able to contribute these gems.  First up, we think we found out where all the scary clowns come from:

I can’t even begin to imagine the mental aberration that caused the poor woman to feel the need to collect that many of them in one place.  On the bright side, she may be cured, as she was trying to get rid of them.  Not very hard, admittedly, if you look at the prices.

This is how they end up at the thrifts.  Some misbegotten soul collects them all, tries to sell them at inflated prices, fails, and turns them all in to torture innocent souls at thrift stores everywhere.

Guess it was the weekend for overpriced collections, as we spotted these as well:

Have you ever seen this many of these in one place?  Yeah, me neither, and in case that is not enough, here are more:

And a few more:

Considering they were marked from $5 to $10 each, bet she took most of them back inside, told hubby she tried, and secretly went back to hoarding them.

This last item made the summer intern just wild with laughter.  I suggested he might need them for camping next time, but he was not amused:

Just seems like a really good way to have some sort of an accident.  You definitely don’t want to fall in the creek while wearing them.

We are hoping to be back to normal soon, but we hope you still developed a smile on your face while reading this!

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