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I must admit to having to dig really deep this week.  Deb and I now know that if we had to do this long distance on a permanent basis, there would not be much hope for us.  I am pretty sure I passed some winners in the bad category in the last few days, but without someone to laugh hysterically over them with, they just sort of fade into the back ground.  On the bright side, just think how bad these are, to actually make it into the camera shots!

Maybe this first one is not all that bad, and I have to admit to admiring the ingenuity involved in this whole idea.  That is a whole lot of paper folding to come up with a swan.  I hope the bowl was for flowers and not a candle, as I see visions of a conflagration otherwise.

I am pretty sure these two items are mostly harmless, when taken as individuals, but I am a bit concerned about the person who thought they should be displayed in this configuration.

Perhaps they are closet Georgia O’Keefe fans with not very good artistic instincts, or our fallback explanation, they are just bored Goodwill employees.

The Summer Intern spotted this next entry.  He is not overly fond of dolls at the best of times, and he decided this was about as scary as they come:

I think it must have been a teaching aid, so they could show parents of young children what to watch out for when confronted by pink eye.  Be careful, or your child could end up looking like this.

Luckily, this cute little lady was nearby to attempt to stave off the negative effects of the above bad example:

There just have to be antidotes on the shelf somewhere, otherwise we would probably expire from being constantly fed bad taste.

I have to admit to a certain excitement about the next entry.  Not in, and of itself, is it exciting, but it just shows that the Halloween costumes are beginning to sneak out of the back room.  I think this one might have even escaped under its own power.  Yet another example of the bad Gunne Sax dress knockoff.  Poor prom attendee/bridesmaid.  Take your pick, either one could give you nightmares.

Since we are on the topic of fashion, or lack of it, check out this bag:

It was all done in needlepoint, and the background was glued-on beads.  It was in absolute pristine condition, as I think the person that owned it was afraid to be seen in public carrying it. Either that, or her poor long-suffering husband drew the line at holding that one while she tried on clothes, and she had to give it up as a bad deal.

I am rather sitting on the fence about this one.  It could go either way.  I think, in its day, it was probably rather pretty, as the lines and the wood on it, are fairly nice:

But, who in heaven’s name committed the sacrilege of covering it in that hideous green pseudo-velvet upholstery?  Can you imagine how much they paid for everyone of those button tufts?  You are in luck, if you care to buy it, as the fabric is now worn completely out (ugh!) and it is ready to be made over yet again.

This chair made me laugh.  I imagine that every person who sits down in it would be blessed with receiving the latest in bouffant hairdos.  I am sure it has seen more than its share of them over the years.

It would sort of be like one of those horror movies.  No matter what you asked for, or what the stylists intentions, you still got the same pile of hair and Final Net Hairspray.

The Summer Intern and I stopped at a yard sale on his last weekend of freedom (his term, not mine, for school starting).  The sale was loaded with pigs.  As if this were not enough to turn you off from perusing the sale, before we could beat a hasty retreat, we spotted this:

I am sure it was overpriced at twenty-five cents, and I probably should apologize for not giving you fair warning on this one, but you just have to brace yourself when you read our blog.

Kathy asked me if I had seen anything at the Savers or Goodwill in Rochester that was blog worthy; I replied, “Of course!”  Whenever you are a caretaker, you need to also take care of yourself–that’s my excuse, err reason for spending time at thrift stores while my sister is in the hospital.  I thrift therefore I am, should be my motto.

I found these two things at different thrift stores, but couldn’t you just imagine them in one mind-blowing room?

I’m pretty sure they were in two different thrift stores to prevent Rochester from imploding into a black hole.

I did buy these adorable little earrings:

They need a little help, but the quality is there and they are attractive enough to make me put up with the screw-backs.  I have some rhinestone flower pins to wear with these little beauties.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we still hope you are amused.  If you are, think about passing our link on to a friend who needs a laugh.  We all need more of those some days.

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6 Responses to This is a Post, only a Post

  1. Connie says:

    Maybe the fabric color options were ‘limited’? Sad to say, I can picture the couch in harvest gold… think I prefer the green just by a hair. But on the other hand, the couch has some very cool lines.

    • kathydeb says:

      That shade of green is unfortunate, but I prefer it to the flowered orange, green, and gold fabric–ouch, I can’t believe I actually said that!!!!!

  2. silkstone001 says:

    that poor couch and that pig lol you find the funniest things, but i think the best , worse was the gunne sax dress, i could see that in a horror flick

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