Deb Checks In

As most of you know, I’ve been with my family because of an illness.  We ended up at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, and my sister is doing really well.  As an added bonus, there is a SAVERS in Rochester; the gods must be smiling on me!  Of course there is a lot of down time while visiting in a hospital, so as soon as I could, I hightailed it over to visit Nirvana.  My sister totally approves; she only wishes she could go too!

While it is a very nice Savers, of course you know there is a load of junk there too.  Funny, it looks very much the same as the stuff we see in Colorado.

It sure seems like the 1970’s are alive and well in Minnesota too.  What are the odds that these two lovelies came from the same home?

I’m not sure what color would harmonize with either of these common kitchen items from the tasteless past.  The mushrooms could probably be painted to at least be tolerable, but the canister set is that godawful yellow-green-brown that most closely resembles baby poop.  Not something you want to think about in the kitchen!

Not to beat a dead horse, but I have even more evidence that Minnesota has held on to 1970’s decorating just a little longer than is fathomable:

I so remember the love affair that housewives had with these chalkware plaques.  My mom had a pair of ships with sails that hung on the fireplace for far too long.  One of us kids may have painted them, which probably accounts for why she kept them on display.

In anticipation of the 2016 Olympics, I took this picture:

Her sash says Rio, although it was difficult to capture that and the feather in all of its glory.  The maker could have worked a little harder on her face paint; then she would have been a pretty fun souvenir of Carnival.

Wow, it never fails to amaze me how horrible candles can be, even faux candles:

A 50th anniversary is no reason to put your taste out to pasture.  This thing was made of wax and looked like it had drips, but there wasn’t a wick on top, only a depression to put a votive candle into.  To make matters worse, it was a music box too and played Lara’s Theme, which seems inappropriate for an anniversary.  If I have to wear a golden gown, I’m not looking forward to having a 50th anniversary! [After proofreading the post, Beloved Husband promises that our marriage will end pronto if I show up in a golden gown and tiara.]

I like the motto, but somehow it doesn’t make me feel better about this couple:

Apparently, your eye problem has escaped your notice;  at least you can help each other when one of those babies pops out and rolls away.

Maybe this next picture is evidence that stress is catching up with me:

Don’t the decorations on the toes look like faces?  It would be even more disturbing if they started talking to you while you were wearing them.

I have never before seen an ashtray decorated like this:

It was well-used, so the owner didn’t have any qualms about smoking around puppies.  It never ceases to amaze me what decoration is chosen to enhance ashtrays.  On the other hand, wouldn’t you rather look at a puppy rather than a cigarette butt?

It wasn’t only dogs that were abused; what the heck is going on with this cat?

Whatever the story, she looks mighty angry about her condition. I would be spitting mad too if someone strapped me into a corset.  As if that weren’t enough, her arms are pretty darn long.  Poor Kitty!

I wonder about a person that does this to innocent Mrs. Butterworth bottles:

Holy guacamole!  The original bottle is ever so much more tasteful than the one on the left.  You have to wonder what was stored in the bottle to give her that expression.  Maybe she was goosed by Mr. Peanut.

I’m hoping that there is the equivalent of the Mayo Clinic for animals in Rochester,  because this dog needs help:

Or maybe he just wants to shake hands, or has trouble going on point?

Finally, these were strange souvenirs to bring back from your trip to Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps at one time, tourists were just given a mug upon entering the country.  That seems as likely an explanation as one person buying so many of them:

To be honest, until I looked more closely at the picture, I hadn’t realize just how many of those cups there were.  They really aren’t attractive enough to tempt a savvy traveler into buying them and hauling them all the way back to Minnesota.  It’ll probably remain a mystery, like most of the things I see while shopping.

This little slice of normalcy was much-needed for both Kathy and me.  It never is as much fun to shop without each other, and she has been a real trouper about my absence.  Thanks as always for reading.

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4 Responses to Deb Checks In

  1. Connie says:

    What is going on with the dog? Is it a planter, candle, or just plain weird decor?

  2. I have an entry in the “Bad Mrs. Butterworth’s Bottles” contest, too:

    Apparently, they’re short of the actual bottles in these parts.

    • kathydeb says:

      Wowsers, that is a bad Mrs. Butterworth! I can’t believe they are short of bottles, except maybe people aren’t using the old Mrs. Butterworth any more.

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