What? … Leftovers AGAIN?

Yes, it happens to the best of us: we look in the old files and find that some really “choice” things have slipped through the cracks of our blog writing, and rather than letting them sink peacefully into oblivion, we thought we would drag them out into the daylight, and let you laugh at them.  So in no particular order, and from no particular place or time, we bring you the following:

First up, for all you super fashion-conscious divas out there, here is what not to wear just about anywhere:

We can’t decide if it is an escapee from a fur traders rendezvous, or just some back street guy with a questionable reputation and a house full of women of ill repute.  No matter where it came from, we are pretty sure the same person owned this:

Why, oh why, would you have a fur covered basket?  Unless your sweet little mama kitty was looking for a nice soft place to have kittens, but even then, I  think she would have more taste, and turn up her whiskered nose at it.  Then again, it comes with built-in feathers for cat toys, so maybe it is a kitty condo in the making.

You know of Deb’s abhorrence for those pickled veggie things, how about some pickled dolls?

At least there was no liquid involved, except, perhaps, on the part of the maker.  I’ve heard of ships in a bottle, but dolls?  Best thing they could find in all of Chihuahua to bring home?  I wonder if it ever crossed their minds to put the dog that made that part of Mexico famous in the bottle?

We love people’s carts, and are just tickled when we can get a good shot.  This kind soul was gracious enough to let us take a picture:

Her hubby was going to be the proud recipient of those beauties.  She said he had a big ol’ truck to put them on.  Personally, I prefer them on Cadillacs, but whatever.  Bet he was going to be VERY surprised.  I think I would give quite a bit to be a fly on the wall when she presented them.

The really scary thing about this next item is how close I came to purchasing it.

So sue me, I like paper dolls.  This one was totally uncut, just going to show it really WASN’T hours of fun.  For those who have never seen the show, check out the link, and get a load of an amazingly young John Travolta.   Just for the record, I only took a photo.

Deb and I hit up a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, just cause it said it had Barbies, and boy did it:

It was a pink box overload.  Tons of eighties stuff, and plenty still in boxes, but we have not completely lost our minds, so left it all there, including this “lovely” bride doll.

She certainly has a big dress.  What else can you say?

At the same sale, just in case pink wasn’t your color, we have the golden cherub section:

Probably a good thing they didn’t mix the two.  You would get golden pink dolls with wings.  Ewwww.

I spent a while trying to figure out just why someone would take a photo of this and frame it.  The summer intern pointed out that I was taking a photo of a photo and it seemed a bit silly.

Can’t tell whether they liked the design, were thrilled to actually see air conditioning, or just had a thing for polar bears and chop suey.  A strange combo at any time.

These last two items are courtesy of the summer intern.  Young grasshopper has learned well!  First up the scary monkey pot:

What has that monkey done to your tea?  Are you feeling lucky?  Yeah, I wouldn’t risk it either.  At the very least, he is doing something rude to that pot.

And to send you off on your week, the shell encrusted rock hard mermaid Barbie:

She was totally petrified by the plethora of sea shells glued to her body.  I can’t even imagine where they were trying to go with this one.  I think this becomes the be all and end all (Hah, if you believe that last one!) of our sea shell tchotchkes.

Thanks for hanging in there with us while Deb is out of town and I have to do ALL this work on my own!  Well, that’s not all true since Deb wrote that last sentence.  ;- )

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2 Responses to What? … Leftovers AGAIN?

  1. Carol says:

    I would have bought those Welcome Back Kotter paper dolls without a second thought! I am a sucker for paper dolls and those scream buy me.


    • kathydeb says:

      I think they would have come home with me, if I hadn’t been in the middle of a major house cleaning. Sort of slows me down for just a minute!

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