Home Sweet Home

Ah … it’s good to be back in the “relative” coolness of Colorado after a week of 107 plus temps.  Las Vegas is an interesting place, and we may do a post later with some pix, but for now, we wanted to get back into the regular swing of things.

When I mention Home Sweet Home, I really do mean Colorado, but while in Las Vegas we found a home away from home:

Yippee a Savers!!  You know it’s bad when your table mates at convention go and find one for you!!  Thanks Linda!  Darn, we miss ours so much.  Not sure what is different about these, but this one was no let down, so we were thrilled.  Considering we were dragging the summer intern, and an even more disinterested hubby along, we did pretty well.

We loved this Donald Duck planter, and had it not had a chip on the hat brim, we might have sacrificed valuable trunk space on its behalf.  It’s got that whole 50’s cowboy thing going for it too.

It actually was a Disney product, and was marked on the bottom.  We didn’t know there was much licensed stuff that was produced this early.

This next one seemed like it was waaay to much work just to get a cup of tea.

The roly-poly ceramic pot sits in a shiny silver ball, then a felt pad, and the top of the ball.  The pot even had a stopper to keep the tea warm, but we are betting that by the time you put everything in there, and managed to get it all together, the tea would still be cold.  The only saving grace was that you would look so spiffy and deco while you were carrying it to the table.  Here is the pot all closed up.

Deb had to photo shop us both out of this one.  I am beginning to think we had some sort of pack rat ancestors, even beyond the hoarding thing.  We seem to get mesmerized by anything that is shiny.  Oh, look a chicken!  Never mind.  Everything distracts us.

I know one of the things we miss most about Savers is being able to see the jewelry.  At our Goodwill, it is just jumbled into big bins, and unless you want to stand there and pick through it while a bored employee taps his finger on the counter and sighs, you just have to skip it.  So after perusing the offerings, this was the best of the worst.

About all I could say in its behalf, was that it was nicely made.  Seems a huge waste of time just to spend it on a clown.  And what does it say about the wearer?   My secret desire is to get a much smaller car, and pile into it with a dozen of my closest acquaintances?

Deb is a fan of all things Asian, so these pictures always make us stop and take a gander, but this one was so far over the top, it is probably the Everest of these.

I think we have seen bigger ones, but never with this much three-dimensional detail.  You know you are getting somewhere when a picture sticks out so far from the wall that you have to dust it.  Here is a close up, so maybe you can see it better.

It is really pretty darned amazing.  Not useful, but amazing.

Speaking of NOT useful.  Check these out.

So Las Vegas averages about two inches of rain a year, they haven’t even had that for the last couple of years.  A pair of wellies is just what everyone needs.  I am thinking these were from the estate of an eternal pessimist who was waiting for the flood, got tired and decided to go live on the edge of the Mississippi, but decided they needed more localized boots to fit in.  I will admit they are cute though.

We wanted to add this last shot just for fun, as it didn’t get put in with some of the others, and it sort of fit the theme.  You know Vegas, sin, drinking etc.  OK, so it was tea, but whatever.  We were at an estate sale and spotted this bar.

What is not included in the photo is the full size John Wayne cutout on the opposite wall.  I don’t know which is crazier, the drinking horse, the hula girl, or just the whole shebang together in one place.  Definitely, the man cave decor.

Deb has had to go home to be with her sister who is very ill, so you will be stuck with me for a bit, and if you have any positive healing vibes that you can send that way, it will be much appreciated! Till next week.

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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Obviously jumping around your blog this morning…glad you found a tiny bit of amusement here in Vegas…believe me, there is SO much more to be found. And let me tell you about “wellies” – I bought a pair last summer here (not the Vegas ones – I wish!),,,I bought them because I fight freakin’ scorpions every spring and summer! Hundreds, I tell you…OK, well at least 6 or 7 a night in the back yard (we have a tiny dog that would be really in bad shape were he to get stung) on the patio or house walls, and then inside by the back door (those suckers can flatten out and get under anything). I am so freaked out by them, I bought myself a pair of those damned boots to wear on scorpion hunts, or when I am working in the dirt garden! CO has such better bugs!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Okay, you have now provided a really good reason to wear wellies in Las Vegas! OMG, wasps and mosquitoes are plenty bad enough, but I would have to use stilts in the back yard if there were scorpions! You could really stomp ’em good wearing a pair of wellies.

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