Out to Lunch

We’ve frequently been accused of being Out to Lunch, but this time we are, and a few dinners and breakfasts, etc.  Deb and I are out of town at a doll convention in Las Vegas, but we didn’t want to leave our loyal readers without something to do on Friday, so today a quick post on what we won’t be eating.

We both have a fondness for the old pamphlet-style cookbooks, you know the giveaways and tiny ones published by magazines, etc.  We have literally hundreds of them and between us, it is pretty darn scary.  We justify it by noting how small they are, and how little space they take up, unless multiplied by hundreds.  So for now, a quick smattering, and maybe more to follow another time.

I want you to notice how clever I was with this one.  It’s a two-fer.  A crazy craft book and a cookbook in one:

The scary thing is, I can actually see myself making some of these in the long cold winter months.  I’ll get back to you, if it happens.

So here are a couple of shots of the patterns with the recipes:

And for those not feeling catty, or doggy:

Deb and I got a couple of cool old 50s magazines a few weeks ago, and she insisted I add this photo.  At least she didn’t insist I eat it:

And finally a recipe from one of the books called Better Meals Quicker with Sausage.  No photo of this one, drat, but maybe it is better without.  So for those who want an extra fancy meal, I present the:

Frankfurter Crown Roast

Arrange 20 skinless frankfurters side by side, curved side out.  Thread large needle with string and sew through all the frankfurters, 1 inch from the top and one inch from the bottom.  To form crown, tie strings and stand frankfurters on end.  Put on baking pan and fill center with 2 to 3 cups canned sauerkraut blended with 1 teaspoon caraway seeds.  Bake 20 minutes in moderately hot oven 400 degrees F.  Serve with dark rye bread and apple celery salad.  Yield 6 servings.

Tres Elegante!

Deb here with my selection of recent pamphlet purchases.  I tend to buy pamphlets with horrible looking covers; you know the ones I’m talking about.  The food looks like something you would find in a dumpster on a 100° F day at the worst diner you can think of.  But these last set of pamphlets I bought at an estate sale were actually attractive, and the recipes reasonably appetizing.

I’ll start with the Holiday Recipes courtesy of the National Distillers:


This may be a handy little recipe book given the drama that goes on at some family get-togethers.  I say mix up a bowl of Tom and Jerry and let the fur fly!

We love us some Tex-Mex here in Colorado.  I just have some doubts about the “Mexene” chile powder that is a large part of every recipe:

I love the industrial flavor of the advertisement in the center of the brochure; I could spend a lot of time in a Tamale Room!  Further along in the pamphlet, there is a picture of a can of Tamales with Chile Gravy–yum.  I can’t decide if Chile Gravy is my favorite, or Mexene Brunswick Stew with butter beans and the aside of “this is one of the South’s most popular dishes”.

This fun pamphlet features rum recipes:

The Coconga looks like it leads to a cracking good time.  I will have to try it the next time I’m on a Caribbean beach.  There are also food recipes in the back, maybe as a filler after recipes like the rum martini–ick!  It probably works well with Ronrico Rarebit, or a fruit salad topped with rum, mayonnaise, and whipped cream.

My final contribution to this post is a picture without a recipe:

I bought this magazine for 5o¢ just based on the cover.  When I flipped to recipe on page 38, a previous owner had cut the page out.  Maybe it was to prevent anyone else from ever inflicting this recipe on another victim, er, dinner guest.  At a guess, it must have ham salad in it, with a pimento cheese, grated carrots, and some relishes.

Thanks for letting us indulge a bad habit; our families are thankful that we don’t often make recipes from these pamphlets.

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3 Responses to Out to Lunch

  1. Hee! Someone else found the magazine with the Stack-a-wich recipe in it, and posted it online. Here you go!


  2. Connie says:

    I own a few of these recipe books as well. The covers are a hoot and some of them provide ‘helpful’ social hints for all of those parties you are about to throw just because you purchased the booklet. And just to keep the hubby on his toes, I will occasionally prepare one of the less-scary recipes for a meal. But I draw the line at suspending vegetables in jell-o, sewing together meat products, or using toothpicks to hold together hor’dourves that look like animals.

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