Friday Finds: Neither Loving Nor Giving

Some weeks, a theme jumps out at you while browsing pictures, and other times you practically have to shackle a week’s finds together to write a post.  This week we seem to be careening between finds with a dual nature and dolls.  At least one of the dolls has more than one raison d’être, which is pretty ambitious considering that they aren’t even serving their primary purpose of being fun.

First case in point for something that tried to be two, two, two things in one:

At first glance this looks like a purse, which it is, but there is also a nearly full-sized hat attached to the front.  What a good idea, except the hat doesn’t detach, so it’s merely there for decoration, so why isn’t it decorative?  These straw holiday bags work so much better when they are tropical, or whimsical, or some other “ical”.  As for the “Iris” at the top, at first glance I thought it might be the flowers, but they are roses.  If I was going to all the trouble of embroidering a name on a souvenir, I would chose a name like: Mary, Linda, Jennifer, Susan, or Elizabeth; there are millions of them.  Iris would be way the heck down the list of possibilities.  Beloved Husband believes this is a memorial bag commemorating the late, lamented Iris.  He interpreted the hat as a funeral wreath, and really, who could prove him wrong?

This doll-slash-lamp doesn’t really work on either level:

For those doubting Thomases out there, I put a red arrow to show the lamp neck, but the electrical cord wrapped around her neck is a dead giveaway.  Can you imagine what a lacy, ruffled, catastrophe her shade must have been?  All in all, this dolly lamp belongs in one of those rooms that gives you a toothache to look at.  At least the doll’s appearance won’t tempt a little girl to cuddle her, so the risk for electrocution is minimized.

Our next find is an old peeve of mine–decorative pickled veggies that are neither decorative nor edible:


Is anyone else creeped out by how the veggies bend from the offset parts of the first jar?  I can’t for the life of me see what that strange jar adds to the overall effect.  It might have worked with separate compartments containing dry contents; how about grains or beans with contrasting colors?  I’m declaring a moratorium on producing any more of these pickled perversions.

We kind of like paint-by-numbers art if they are well-done and fun:

This project might well earn you a pile rosaries and a heap of Hail Marys, if you were brave enough to confess to painting it.  Poor Jesus looks pretty angry about his depiction; hope he doesn’t go all “Old Testament” on the artist.

Another example of the doll theme for this week’s post:

Here are a whole shelf-ful of those unattractive cheap plastic dolls that crocheting grandmas seem to be drawn to, like matter to a black hole.  If they would just put some taste and effort into clothing these poor gals, or for that matter into their afghans  and doilies, we would be out of one whole category of blog fodder (Yarn Play, for the unenlightened).  Nah, you know that as long as yarn scraps exist out there, thrifty crocheters everywhere will be tempted to unite colors that should remain apart.  Here is my proof:

Unless you are a Michigan State Spartan or a leprechaun,  you probably don’t appreciate this color combination.  And seriously, what is going on with this girl’s skirt?

We saw these Asian offerings at two separate estate sales a couple of weeks ago:

I really am attracted to Asian dolls and have to slap myself from time to time so I’m not overrun.

We had one of this kind of nail craft projects a couple of weeks ago:

I much prefer this marigold version to the pink and blue flowers, although neither is anything to write home about.

I would take those orange “nail” flowers any day over this this Southwest decor basket:

Gosh, it looks like the decorative cording was made from old terry bathrobe belts.  This is bad from top to bottom.

Our final find tried so hard to be cute:

I love dogs and dog figurines, books, jewelry, purses, t-shirts, you name it and I probably like it, except for a few notable exceptions.  This little statue doesn’t work for me; it’s probably her demurely lowered eyes.  I have a concern for this pair too–I hope none of the puppies have their father’s head.  That big old pumpkin is going to be a trial while whelping!

Although garage saling was pretty stinky last week, we did enjoy this garden:

Someone built their own private Stonehenge.  The sandstone henges are about two feet tall, which is an ever so much more manageable size.

Many thanks for reading our blog.  We will be traveling the last week in July to IFDC in Las Vegas; if any of you are going, be sure to look for us and say hi!  For the rest of our readers, we will have a Friday post, as usual.

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4 Responses to Friday Finds: Neither Loving Nor Giving

  1. Connie says:

    I have seen those hat/purse things before and wasn’t never sure what their purpose in life was. (I have even tried to remove the hat from the bag thinking it might be just snaps or velcro… but NOOOOO…. that sucker is sewn on.)

    • kathydeb says:

      We didn’t get it either–why would you put that on an obviously “vacation” purse? Waste of good palm leaves if you ask us!

  2. Pickled Veggies In A Jar are one of my pet peeves, too. Especially the ones labeled, “NOT FOR FOOD USE.” At least the others you can say that someone might have wanted to eat them when they were new and fresh. But pickling veggies that were never intended to be eaten? Nooooooo!

    Alas, I don’t seem to have gotten a photo of the worst “pickled veggie” thrift store find ever…one of those candles made with some kind of clear substance that was made up to look like a jar of pickled veggies. Ewww!

    All of which reminds me…I still haven’t gotten around to posting my latest batch of thrift store horrors….

    • kathydeb says:

      OMG just got a mental picture of the candle/pickled veggie abomination you described; a second ago I would have sworn that decorative pickled veggies couldn’t get any worse! You should post your “Finds” so folks don’t think we are the only ones bothered by this junk ;- )

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