Our Cup Runneth Over with Friday Finds

Since we took a little hiatus last week and presented a craft pamphlet post, we are thoroughly overrun with crazy pix from two weeks of scrounging.  So, without much ado, I will jump right in.

First off, I have been pointing out to Deb, that her true confessions are not nearly as heinous as mine.  I even have some doozies waiting in the wings for a later date, so just to defend myself, I have to point out that this cow was too ugly for me to even think about purchasing:

Not to mention that she was turning blue, and there is NO way I am administering mouth to mouth.

We had that moldy cactus a couple of weeks ago, and this time we found a friend for it:

You can think of it as cactus upholstery, or maybe a safety cactus for those concerned about OSHA inspecting their interior decorating.

It was pretty hard to resist these cute-as-a-bug items, oh wait, they are bugs:

This is a case where the Thrift saved us from ourselves, as at a price tag of $7.99 per bug, we were too darn cheap to buy them.

Speaking of overpriced (we were weren’t we?), we stopped last week at an Estate Sale by one of the local companies.  We rarely go to this company’s sales, as the items are routinely priced over what we are willing to squeeze out of our change purses.  This time, though, we did see some fun things, and even spent a bit of money on some paper items that are a downfall for both of us.

I really wanted to purchase these mugs for my dear hubby, but figured as much as he would love them, the price would annoy him too much to enjoy them in peace.  They are still a hoot, or maybe that is Hooters:

Vintage barware amuses me in all forms.  That’s a True Confession for another day: swizzle sticks.

Now if only this little lady had kept herself out of the bar a bit more, she might not look like this:

I am pretty sure she has been nipping at the gin in the cupboard, kept there for purely medicinal purposes, or maybe she was even more sly, and it was the vanilla.  What kind of example was this setting for the children of yesterday?

We both wanted this item badly, but again the price saved us from grabbing up the nearest pillows and having at each other over who gets it.  (Just so you know, we actually NEVER fight over things, go figure, considering how close our taste is.)  What little boy wouldn’t go out of his way to get a new boo-boo when this was awaiting him in the medicine cabinet?

It was the real thing too.  Totally stocked with everything you might need.  Of course, he must have been wrapped in cotton wool by Mommy, as the kit was never used.

We also loved this adorable crib:

It came fully stocked too.  Things for kids are still cute, but not as innocent as they seemed to be.  Probably just nostalgia talking, but I am going to stick with it.  Although, disposable diapers are pretty darn useful.   Those safety pins look like a lot of work.  Sometimes I think you would have been tempted to poke the kid, just to get back at them for waking you at two in the morning with a messy diaper:

Now we would like to “slip” into something more comfortable.  How about these darling ladies’ slippers?

She was obviously saving them for something “good” and never wore them.  Maybe they could be “flirtation walk” slippers.  I think I could flirt in them.  At least I could flirt in them better than I could in these:

We actually liked these, but they sure didn’t look comfortable.  The price you pay for fashion, I guess.  If you don’t believe me, look at any designer’s runway fashion.

And lastly, we want to know, “Who is watching you?”

My cat would think this was one big cat toy, but he probably would think the same thing about real owls, so who am I to judge?

Thanks for reading, and we hope our loyal readers are staying cool, if that is what you need, and dry for those getting too much rain.  Please send us a jar of rain, as it is still dry.  Maybe we could buy some on Ebay?

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6 Responses to Our Cup Runneth Over with Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    Ohh…. those slippers are darling. Perfect for gliding around the house in your maribu robe.

  2. Cindy Franklin says:

    My husband walked by as I was reading the post and asked if the Lone Ranger kit was for sale :O)

    • kathydeb says:

      Sorry to tell your hubby that the sale was 2 weeks ago. Now, the good news is that the price tag was $50, so there is a chance it’s still sitting somewhere waiting for a new home. We are a town that likes a bargain!

  3. dianna says:

    do you know where i can find some Asian slippers like u have a pic of here?

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’m sorry Dianna, we saw those quite a while ago at an estate sale. I would ask at a consignment shop if you have one, or maybe eBay or Etsy. Good luck!

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