Hot and Crabby, but Still Shopping

Our local wildfire is still burning, so we are still cranky about it.  We have no right to whine: we aren’t fighting it (kudos to the brave men and women who are!); our houses are safe (our hearts go out to those who have lost theirs); and we don’t have to breathe the smoke all the time (just a little too often for comfort); BUT we are still crabby.  Just call us the Lucy Van Pelts of the blogging world.  We are soldiering on, so our loyal readers won’t miss out on their weekly dose, but imagine us doing it and grousing.

We were still able to find a plethora of abominations to lighten our mood starting with this leather-clad elephant bottle:

Now, we just know everyone wants to snort their booze right out of an elephant’s trunk.  Ugh.  Just in case you think it’s harmless, take a second look:

If it were only pink, it could make the most hardened wino reform.

Speaking of pink, we are pretty sure these pink party plates came from the same pink kitchen:

Multiply them by a roomful, and it looks like the Pepto-Bismol exploded all over the room.  Not a pretty mental picture.

You all know of our supreme delight in shelffuls–those inadvertent pairings that can’t help but make you laugh.  Try this one on for size:

The plastic blue crab, good for who knows what, the possessed pooch with the glowing green rhinestone eyes, and the semi-tempting, but resistible beaded flowers in the horrendous vase.  Of them all, the plastic crab seems the least offensive.  At least you can decorate for a luau!

At the risk of this post becoming a little risque, we still couldn’t resist this shot:

Now they are clearly (well, under the price tag!) labeled as curtain tiebacks, but we think they really are escapees from the well-appointed stripper’s dressing room.  What show girls wouldn’t want these pasted on, and twirled from unmentionable locations?  See, you just can’t take us anywhere.

On a lighter note, or several of them, we suppose, we were treated to yet another antique radio.  Must have been a whole collection of them, and they are parceling them out:

Isn’t it strange that it’s made by the same company as the other old radio, Atwater Kent.

Deb becomes mesmerized by beading projects gone wrong, and this one certainly qualifies:

Even the glass inside that held the candle was beaded.  Imagine dining under the soft golden glow of your very own safety pin lantern.  If all else fails, you can use the pins to diaper the baby. Perhaps the inevitable outcome of the romantic evening?  Probably not.

Now, here is an exercise in opposites.  First up the happy dolls:

We aren’t sure what these ladies are on, but we are pretty sure we want some.  Just for the record, we kinda like these.  At least they make you smile.  On the other hand, this one is terrifying, or just plain terrified:

I don’t know if she saw the happy dolls, or some of our other offerings, but sometimes this is the only reaction you can have.  Would any person in their right mind bring this doll home to live with them?  Maybe it’s artistic, like the Scream.

I’m going to blame Deb for this next confession.  There can be no other sane reason for my buying, yes, ANOTHER cow creamer.  Two in one year?  This is awful.  On top of that, this one came with a friend that I couldn’t leave there.  Drat.  The only saving grace is that this is a nice English cow.  Maybe she dispenses clotted cream?  I had to buy it, as I don’t have a cow that is in this position.  Better not find one standing on its head.

Well, since I’m feeling a bit “pressed” I’ll sign off for this week.  I leave you with this giggle that was in the window of the local appliance store.  Happy Hunting all, and may your forests be safe and fire-free.

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4 Responses to Hot and Crabby, but Still Shopping

  1. Connie says:

    I grew up with the last item in your post. We had a Maytag wringer/washer and using it was an interactive sport. I can still see mom feeding all the wet clothes, one at a time, through the wringer while warming my sister and I to stand back so our ’70s long hair wouldn’t get caught in the wringer. Let’s just say, I love my modern washer that I can simply fill and walk away from. 🙂

    • kathydeb says:

      Oh my, how on earth did your mom do laundry for 6 kids with a wringer washer? Let’s hear it for new technology (1950’s) that allows you to walk away from your washer and get on with the bonbons and soap operas!

  2. I’m going to love following this fun blog! 🙂

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