Short and Not Too Sweet

Well, it’s here.  Yes, it’s summer time!!!  You would think we would be drowning in a sea of badness, what with garage sales, thrift stores and estate sales in full swing, but for some reason this week was a little on the “lite” side.  Enjoy a diet version this time, and I’m sure we will back in over our heads next week.

We both are fond of mid-century modern items, but this one teeters so far on the edge that a feather landing on it could push it over the line:

Or maybe it is only the covering that saves it from just being plain awful.  Yep, now that I look again, that may be it.  It goes great with accompanying astroturf doesn’t it?

Deb and I were both sure this was a lamp till we looked closer:

I don’t know why thinking it was a lamp would make it any better than the truly obnoxious ashtray it really was, but for some reason our brains tried to make it slightly less offensive.  The icing on the cake, or the ash in the tray, however you want to look at it, was the small bag of glass decorative candy on the top tier that came with it.  Huh?  Guess it could have been more heinous, it could have been real candy to stick in your bordello ashtray.

This next estate sale had just about every animal on the ark in candle form.  For some reason the chickens were the ones that caught our eyes:

We are always extremely glad the these sorts of items are flammable, but I always wonder how they would burn, and would you be sorry to see their little melting heads?  In this case, probably not.

This poor girl has an extreme leg problem, at least we think that is what is going on under the dress.  Remember the Leggy dolls from the 70’s?  They were just about as odd, but at least they were a bit cuter:

I think the maker just started crocheting and didn’t know when to stop.  Then they had the poor taste to put an icky clone type head on it.  There is just no way the person who got this was able to be gracious about it, and if they managed it, they deserve an Oscar.  A close up, just in case you don’t believe me:

This was at least good for a laugh:

Everybody, sing together now:  He’s got the whole ball in his hands, he’s got the whole ball …  At least it has Super Grip!  Again, I think the employees were having a bit of fun on the side.

And lest you think we have nothing good to show for the day’s work, check out this adorable picnic basket:

It’s the perfect use for a fun vintage suitcase, and you could tell this one was well used and loved.  Think of all the giggles and laughter this has seen.  So pack up your favorite picnic basket and hit the park!!  Enjoy your week and tune in next time.

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