Not so Memorable Friday Finds

It was the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend, but we went garage saling anyway.  We are the epitome of the phrase “cockeyed optimists”.  The sales were okay–nothing good enough to buy, nothing bad enough to take a picture of.  Thank goodness for thrift stores.

This Art Deco style radio was sitting on the front case at Goodwill:

It was just fabulous.  I’m sure that it would make a great prop for a theater company, whether it works or not.  Look how shiny the wood is; my shirt was reflected on the front no matter which way I turned the radio.

Just a couple of aisles away we found some perplexing craft projects:

I’m not sure what is up with this duck–does he look zombified to you?   Plus, now that you’ve made him, what do you do with him?  I can’t imagine him fitting into any kind of duck collection; even a weird one.  Donating zombie duck to a thrift store seems like the best call.

Then there is this craft project:

Once you see that shade of blue and pink, you know you’re in trouble.  I guess when you have a hammer, all craft projects look like nails, or something like that.

What could be more adorable than woodland creatures decorating a cookie jar?  You unwisely ask:

Well, it depends on the animals, doesn’t it?   Last time we checked, squirrels and rabbits were roughly the same size; this King Kong of squirreldom seems bent on terrorizing his forest friends.  I wouldn’t be too keen on my chances of getting a cookie either!

We were concerned that the post would be too skimpy, so we visited another thrift store searching for blog fodder.  Our efforts were amply rewarded, or punished, depending on your point of view.

We seem to be on a cow kick lately; we see bad cows everywhere:

OMG, no one needs this awful thing sitting on their kitchen counter.  I can’t think of a single use for it besides target practice, despite its cute pink bow on either end.

We aren’t sure what this next display shelf is all about.  Probably someone working through some horrible childhood trauma:

If you grew up in a neighborhood as twisted as Wisteria Lane, you might need a model to help you work through some dark stuff.  Otherwise, these houses don’t even open up for play time.  They just hang on the wall, collecting dust.

These next couple of things are “what were they thinking?” items:

Kathy picked up the turtle plaque and said “look, a turtle butt!”  She flipped it over, and lo and behold, that’s what the tag said too.

We aren’t even sure what this is supposed to be:

This stylized face has lots of nice bright colors so it could potentially match any color scheme; hey, just trying to put a positive spin on things for a change.

This little guy could be in the running for ugliest thing ever.  You tell us what it looks like he is doing:

We call him “Squatty, the Horrible Elf” and horrible might not be a strong enough word for him.  Next to him, our pink bunny mascot almost seems benign.  Beloved Husband points out Squatty’s resemblance to the Caganer figure in a Catalan nativity scene–double ugh!

I want to end as I began, on a good note.  The yang to all of the above yin was found back in the “art” department:

This little print by Edmund Dulac is titled O Matsu San (Moonlight) and looks to be from a book illustrated by the artist.  The frame has such wonderful carving and complements the picture wonderfully.  For $2.99, O Matsu San came home with me; I love old pictures and have a partiality for these kinds of prints.

Thanks for reading as always; hope all of your finds are good ones.

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8 Responses to Not so Memorable Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    I am kind of stunned from the nail/craft project. Is this what happens when a bored housewife wants her husband to share in the delight of ‘crafting’? Or perhaps it was a subtle message from the husband that basically states: “Look, if you want me to make stuff with you, this is the sort of crap I can come up with.”

    • kathydeb says:

      My mom never asks dad to help her paint because of the first time he helped her paint 50 years ago (he made a huge mess!) This husband must have gotten the same advice as my father. This must be something the boys learned in that “special” class they took in the 7th grade ;- )

  2. Okay…”Turtle Butt” actually made me laugh out loud. Good thing most of my co-workers are out of the office today.

    And I don’t blame you. “O Matsu San” would have come home with me, too! (Though probably as a birthday present for Rivka.)

    • kathydeb says:

      Glad you liked the turtle–a real wth item! Today we went to an estate sale at the house you remember from your childhood; it was lots of fun to see.

  3. Ruth says:

    I love your Dulac print!!! She is adorable!!!! Much nicer than Squatty – he’s just nasty!! (And he actually does resemble the Caganer figure very closely!!!)
    Thanks for all the fun!!!!

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