Another Day, Another ?????

Just when things are getting boring, and it seems there is nothing new to get snarky about, we have one of those days where things just seem to jump out at us yelling “take my picture, I’m bad!!”  You haven’t lived till this happens.  Scares the tar out of us, let me tell you.

Our first stop, when we hit the thrift, is the glass case in the front of the store.  This is where the myriad priceless treasures (according to the seemingly clueless clerks in the back) come to reside.  Now sometimes we see some pretty cool stuff, but most of the time there needs to be some major reality checking going on.  Take these lamps:

There are two of them, you can just catch the side of the other one on the right hand side of the photo.  They were marked $129.00 EACH.  The nice antique Aladdin lamp we saw later was only $79.00.  They did go away, but are hoping it was after someone clued them in that they were just bad 70s decor, and got them marked at $10.00 each.

After the case, it’s on to the rest of the store.  We do have an order to our madness, and it irks us no end when they rearrange the store.  Luckily, Goodwill is too darn lazy to do this, but about once every five years.

On the crafty side this week, we have the next two entries.

We’ve make fun of these little dolls on a regular basis, and now that we know where they come from, we can be extra wary.  We seriously thought of stomping on the kit before someone could buy it and unleash another one, but explaining that to the innocent clerks might be a little difficult.

And here is basis of too many bad craft projects to even contemplate.

It says you can make 1001 items.  Even with a whole bag of the stuff, it is hard to fathom quite that many, and the thought is just too frightening to wrap your mind around.

Proving yet again that the clerks there must have some sense of humor, we came to this shelf:

They put these on the end cap, where they tend to put things they think are better, or maybe it’s just things they can’t figure out where else they fit in.  Here is a close up of the little girl on the right.

We actually know why she looks that ticked off, but this is NOT an X-rated blog, but trust us, we saw something that would put that look on anyone’s face.

We actually loved this next item, but figured there was no way to get a photo, as it was pretty dark, but Deb’s camera won out, and we can share it.

Souvenir of Florida anyone?  It was probably made in the 20s, and was a lot of fun.  Much better than bringing home a baby alligator, or a purse made from one.

We liked this next souvenir too.  “What, you found a shell thing you liked?”  Yeah, it happens to the best of us.  We see so many that they finally wear us down.

Well, you know it can’t stay good for long, so here we go again.   Sometimes you wonder where these cockamamie ideas come from.  Everyone knows you just have to combine your photo frame lazy susan and your drink holder right?

No, I was not kidding about the drink holder.

Maybe it’s for those serial marriage types.  You can snivel in your beer, and scroll through the exes.

There always has to be a moment when we stop and say to ourselves, “What the … ?”  This was it.

Now, we are pretty sure it is some sort of relative of the elephant, but what the heck do you do with an elephant with a big ol’ hole in his side?

Maybe it’s another one of those wallet, kitchen scrubby holder thingies?  Whatever it is, it was pink and ugly, so there was no help for it.  My son has developed an overwhelming passion for shooting things with his BB gun, and I frequently think that might be the best solution for ridding the world of this stuff.  Line up bunch of 12 year olds and let ’em have at it.

Deb always spends the next ten minutes muttering to herself after we see these types of things on the shelves.  Not that I am particularly crazy about them, but it REALLY annoys her.  This was made even more irritating by the combination represented.

Nothing like black beans and frosting for dinner.  Maybe the goggles are to wear when you combine the two, like some mad scientist.  Depending on the age of said items, the goggles could be a necessary accessory.

This last thing was right up our alley, or maybe would scare you in a dark alley, but I adored it and wanted to share.  Some enterprising folks are adding monsters to thrift store paintings.  Brilliant!  They can only be improved.  Check ’em out: Monster Paintings

Feel free to send us any photos or links you think we need to see.  We LOVE hearing from our loyal readers.

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3 Responses to Another Day, Another ?????

  1. Matty says:

    Okay, sooo now instead of that horrific pink bunny of a nightmare, the ‘Iwannabeanelephant’ will haunt my dreams, if I don’t get suffocated (a 1001 ways!) by that giant bag of foam. Eeesh…I can’t wait to see what people’s belated Spring Cleaning brings you! However, the saving grace of the week HAS to be the Monsters! OMGoodness! How funny are these?!? Thanks for the laughs, the thrills and the chills Ladies!

  2. Nadine says:

    Your stuff is always a good laugh for me and keeps me happy for quite a few days – thanks so much for all you do (and I do know it is a bit nightmarish!!!???

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