A Bad Hare Day!

Easter is fairly early this year but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t see lots of interesting Easter decorations.  In fact, there was a thumping good crop of finds.

We are always amused when other creatures push their way into holidays that don’t traditionally involve them:

When did moose crash the Easter parade?  This one is overshadowed by the bookend rabbits, which is why I used a yellow arrow.  This poor specimen looks particularly clueless, which is quite a feat when you consider how silly moose look in general.  Another question:  why is he worth salvaging with a broken and badly repaired antler?  Even more peculiar are the enormous ears on that wooden rabbit in the background; perhaps he is overcompensating for looking more like an egg than an Easter bunny.  The poor rabbit in the foreground looks confused and embarrassed about his cohorts; consider him the innocent bystander in this line-up.

Or how about this fellow?

I’m not sure what Donald Duck has to do with Easter, and really, he looks much too angry to question.  Disney has many more appropriate critters in their menagerie for Easter–what about Thumper or Bambi?  If you want a crotchety character there’s always Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh; he is as cranky as Donald Duck, with far more reason (imagine trying to keep Pooh from trouble).  Donald just seems a stretch, both temperamentally and thematically.

Lambs, at least, are traditional at Easter time, especially on the menu:

This specimen would probably cause major indigestion at the table.  I had to take this picture with my phone; just my luck to run into something eligible for the Ugliest Thing Ever without a camera handy.  The only thing that would have made this little Lamb Chop look worse is a matching crocheted and ruffled bonnet–eek  I scared myself!  We theorize that Grandma some white yarn left over from making Christmas wreaths and Santas and of course she couldn’t let it go to waste.

This is a left-over Hawaii find, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the look on the killer bunny’s face featured in Monty Python’s Holy Grail and Spamalot, just before he attacks and dismembers our favorite knight in shining armor:

Either that, or the coffee was REALLY strong this morning.  They won’t be sleeping for a week, and neither will I after having seen them.

OK, so I admit it, I love craft kits.  What’s not to like about all the supplies for something all in one place?  Oh yeah, they usually look like this:

Everyone needs a lavender flocked egg, plastic beads, and gold braid.  It was just so awful, that I stood there for at least two minutes trying to decide if I really needed it.  At least Deb was not there to “egg” me on, or who knows what would have happened?

We found quite a number of finished Easter crafts this year too:

These little bunny baskets are just weird–could it be the noses and lack of whiskers?  Somehow, they look a little grumpy to us.

This little bunny is more about spring than Easter, but we included him anyway because he made us laugh:

Confidentially, this is how we feel after getting our gardens cleaned up and planted in the spring too!  Luckily we have somewhere more comfortable to rest after our gardening endeavors; imagine us resting in a hammock or chaise lounge with an appropriate cold beverage.

This little basket was cute:

but they missed the boat when they attached the work glove permanently to the basket; now they can’t be finger puppets.

Not much mystery why this little diorama was on a thrift store shelf:

We hope you all have had the fun of wrapping a balloon with glue-soaked string, letting the string dry, and then popping the balloon to create your own holiday decoration.

[A note of caution:  an EMT told me that the one of the most difficult rescues involves children who bite and pop inflated balloons.  The “pop” makes them gasp (inhale) and sometimes a small piece of balloon is inhaled at the same time.  You can’t do rescue breathing because the airway is blocked, and those small pieces of balloon are terribly hard for the EMTs to remove.  Never let a small child put a balloon to their mouth.]

Okay, back to our normal topic:  we also hope you all know when to stop embellishing to prevent your Easter dioramas from appearing on thrift store shelves instead of decorating mantles.

We found this fun Easter egg craft last year and had some success with it.  You’re only limited by your imagination and ability to find silk ties or scarves:

These are not our eggs; these are from Homemade Serenity’s blog.  We like that she blows out her eggs before dyeing them, so they last longer, and she shows you how to make garlands and wreaths.

This isn’t a craft item; Beloved Husband found it at the dollar store:

We all know that Easter is a religious holiday, but this seems like a strange combination.  What next–chocolate Jesus appearing before marshmallow Peep Pontius Pilate?  That reminds me: here’s a link to the Washington Post’s Peep diorama contest, a true Easter classic!

Hoppy Easter from your friends at Second Hand Roses.

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6 Responses to A Bad Hare Day!

  1. Matty says:

    …Well, at least the lamb had a nice side of ‘dressing’ to accompany it, LOL. Goodness I never want to see some of these items in MY Easter basket. Granted, you know you could have kicked patootie with that flocked Easter egg kit, right Kathy?

    • kathydeb says:

      Matty, you are too funny! That lamb is to Easter as a lump of coal is to Christmas ;- ) We’re pretty sure you would never be bad enough to find her in your basket. And for the record, there never was a craft that Kathy couldn’t whip into shape; they tremble when she is near.

  2. tkarengold says:

    I visualized trying the balloon wrapped glue string thing in a classroom. Thanks for the craft/blog link. I loved the silk dyed easter egg idea.
    Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy everything.

    • kathydeb says:

      Okay, the idea of doing the balloon wrapping with a class of kids is a recipe for stickiness! It’s hard enough with one or two at a time. Good luck with the silk dyed Easter eggs, it was fun.

  3. Connie says:

    Oh… I too wish that the gloved bunnies were able to be finger puppets. They are quite adorable, but I don’t understand the yarn(?) covering on the basket that they pop out of.

    • kathydeb says:

      I think that basket topper is one of those ribbed cuffs that goes on the wrist of a sweatshirt–all stretched out to fit over the basket. What’s wrong with a little Easter basket grass?

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