Yes, it is that time.  Second Hand Roses will be entering our terrible twos.  Can you believe we have been this nutty for two whole years?  So, in honor of our Birthday, we decided to pass out our badness in pairs for this post.  The scary part of this whole idea, is that we really didn’t have any trouble at all finding pairs of things.

I always thought that candle holders were supposed to come in pairs that at least sort of matched.  I couldn’t decided whether these came in separate from one another, and just got placed together on the shelf, or if the original buyer was just color blind.  No matter what, they are just icky made-in-China junk.  Hope they do leap off the shelf.

Now these two ladies aren’t really bad, but they did make me laugh.  Just that sort of silly country stuff from the 70s.  They have cute faces, but are ready to retire to the old folks’ home for the wheat intolerant.

For some bizarre reason angels just don’t seem to turn out the way they are supposed to.  I wouldn’t be all that thrilled if these messengers showed up at my place:

These resin monstrosities seem to be proliferating at an alarming rate, at least at our thrifts.  The one on the left looks like someone just gave her a little goose, and that is just totally disrespectful, but I think she had it coming.  The one with the cherub had better watch out.

We may be cheating on the candle holder thing, but there were two, and they weren’t great:

Bad cherubs should be banished with the bad angels.  These candle sticks would definitely put you off your dinner.  You could have a contest each night to see who had to sit in the seat facing them.  The winner did the dishes, the loser looked ’em in the eye.

For some things, a pair of them just doesn’t make them any better.

They glopped one of everything on here, and then plated it for good measure.  Can’t believe these are both still in one piece.  You know if they’d been nice, there is no way they could have survived.  Sigh … only the good die young.

Easter is coming, hold on to your chickens, cause the bad bunnies are on the loose.  Not only are these ugly, they are just too big to be contemplated.

Under no circumstances should these be brought into your home.  The Easter Bunny would take one look at them, and high cottontail it right out of there.  No Peeps for you.

We loved the fact that this is another one of those shots we DIDN’T manufacture.  Right beside each other on the shelf with no apologies.

I like Deb’s caption best.  We KNOW evil when we see it, and after two years, there is still plenty out there to be reported, and we know just the girls to do it.  Thanks for hanging out with us, and reading our posts every week.

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8 Responses to Twofers!

  1. Karen NE. says:

    Another great day! Happy Birthday!

  2. Terri Gold says:

    Happy Anniversary! It is always a Friday morning treat to read your posts.

    • kathydeb says:

      Thanks Terri for joining in the fun and awfulness that is our blog. We wouldn’t still be doing it if it weren’t for readers like you.

  3. Connie says:

    Happy birthday and here is to many, many more. Keep the laughs coming.

    • kathydeb says:

      Thank you Connie for your pictures and encouragement; we are so glad you tune in to see what we are up to.

  4. Congrats on two years of some of the best/worst thrift store finds! I swear, this spring sometime, my friend Rivka and I have got to go shopping with you two!

    • kathydeb says:

      You are more than welcome; drop us a note if you’re coming to our area and we’ll have some shopping fun! We’ll be at IFDC and figure there will be shopping opportunities there too!

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