Fantastic (Sarcastic) Plastic Finds

Last Friday, we really needed our morning of shopping fun and snarkiness.  Between vacations, school doings, and family obligations we knew it might be a couple of weeks before we could go shopping together again.  Our Friday shopping expeditions aren’t just for treasure hunting and searching out blog fodder.   They’re our way of shedding all the stress and distress of a week so we can regain our usual happy-go-lucky personae.  We’re lucky to know what we need to be happy–that’s 90% of the battle.

We were plagued by plastic this week.  We kept running into things that would have been improved immeasurably if they had been made of almost any other material.  Here is the first example:

These chairs are graceless, huge, and a horrible color, but it’s the plastic upholstery that’s the killer here.  We might still laugh at them if they had velvet fabric, but we wouldn’t shudder!  We have another shudder saved up for the dining room these chairs matched.

It’s hard to understand what purpose these twisted plastic trees serve (they definitely aren’t decorative):


If you are bothered by a brown thumb, why don’t you hang a nice picture of flowers, greenery, or a garden on your wall?  That would be so much more attractive than a homely plastic plant.  You could also buy yourself an inexpensive flower bouquet, or cheap houseplants and toss them on the compost heap when they die.  Much more sensible than letting a plastic plant out-gas dangerous chemicals and just look plain ugly.

Things seem come in threes, don’t they?  We should be so lucky:

We still can’t believe that an Italian firm (Lami, Italy) was responsible for these plates.  They sure look like a 1970’s inspired design, back when plastic was going to make the world a better place.  Lami went to a lot of trouble to make these look like pottery, even down to the crackle glaze; that should have been their first clue that pottery would be a better choice than light-weight plastic.

We were stopped in our tracks by this little fella.  He was facing us straight on, and it was hard to tell what he was supposed to be, besides pissed off:

Perhaps if we turned him sideways that might help:

What in the name of Bambi was the creator of this plastic resin statue thinking?  Fawns are timid, quiet, scentless creatures; this poor little thing looks like it has rabies at the very least.  Maybe he’s a prototype for Rambo Bambi (Bambo, Rambi???)-First Blood, coming soon to the Syfy channel.

There have been so many kitchen decor fads over the last 40 years, it’s hard to remember when they were popular.  I seem to recall that strawberries were “in” at the end of the 1980’s or the beginning of the 1990’s (feel free to correct me if you know).  Whenever it was, I’m pretty sure this is too much of a good thing:

Red is great as a punch of color; this seems more like assault and battery.

I think that’s it for bad stuff; we have a couple of good to benign finds to finish with.  We admire the thoroughness with which this toy fish’s environment was recreated:

However great that attention to detail was, why didn’t it extend to the fish itself?  He is furry, whereas a slicker fabric that looked like scales would have been a more authentic choice, but less cuddly.  Anyway, he made us laugh, and not in a bad way at all–he is pretty cute.

We are forever taking pictures of little wooden or foreign-made dolls:We saw this little Russian cutie and were charmed by her smile and cheerful pansy.

Last up, is a friend from several months ago:

We had a mate straw or bombilla and asked our readers to guess what it was.  Last week we saw another straw, plus the drinking vessel also called mate, same as the beverage it holds.  They were  marked the same as the original straw–ARGENTINA INDUSTRIA, which might not be a coincidence if the same person donated them.  It was fun looking at something exotic and actually knowing what it was.

Look for our second anniversary post next week; we are doing a double trouble or twofer post on the evil twins we find at thrift stores.  Have a great week, and we hope you can do something that makes you happy this week.

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2 Responses to Fantastic (Sarcastic) Plastic Finds

  1. Connie says:

    Seriously… that mutant-Bambi-spawn-of-the-devil-figurine is going to give me nightmares. You should warn us first before showing us the head-on shot first. 🙂

    • kathydeb says:

      Sorry about that! We’ll just add evil animals to the warning list (clowns already require a warning). Have a little nightcap and maybe that will keep the bad dreams away ;- )

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