Too Cold for a Cold

Brrrr……  Nothing like February in CO.  I think Deb came down with a nasty cold, just so she wouldn’t have to go out in it, and left me to bravely trudge through the snow seven miles up hill both ways.  OK, would you settle for tromping through the mess in the parking lot?

I had to smile as I pulled in, as one of the trees in the lot was totally overrun with a whole flock of robins.

They were eating the berries off the tree as quickly as they could, and squawking at each other as loudly as possible.  If you ask me, this little guy looks waaaaay too cold to come Bob, Bob Bobbing along.

By the time I got back out of the store, they had denuded the tree and moved on.  I think they were trying to tell me that spring is coming, but I believe them, like I believe Punxsutawney Phil.

After the robins, it was all downhill.  You know we try to leave off the shell things, but they just keep popping out at us.  This one was pretty amazing with all the shells on it, and I could tell it had some age to it, so I made the mistake of picking it up.  I don’t know how they did it, but it had some sort of chime in it, like a child’s toy.  Would have been just as bad if it mooed.

I didn’t realize that Deb would not be coming this morning, so the only camera I had was my new Canon DSL which makes it a lot harder to be subtle while taking photos, so I threw caution to the wind, and just got it out and snapped away.  Got me in trouble, as several people were nearby, and commented on my taking this photo:

I think this looks like the poor kid woke up to find a monster hovering over the bed, and indulged in a fit of wailing, which if you ask me, is a natural reaction.  The people around me seemed to think I was taking the photo, as it was so pretty.  One of them was the clerk that Deb called a Damask several months ago, so I just kept my mouth shut, so as to offend as few as possible.  I figure the plate was doing enough for both of us.

Now this next decorative item looks like it was a reject from last week’s post about the seventies:

Nothing like fiberglass-encased burlap for all your home decorating needs.  The coasters were still attached to the tray in their original display order, except for the one trying to escape, and the store thoughtfully taped that one in place.

I almost cried when I saw this one, as I knew Deb would have enjoyed ripping this one to shreds with her laser-sharp wit.  I almost bought it, as she needed a pick-me-up, but then, what would she do with it?

On the other hand, ripping to shreds might be the kindest thing to do.  Make it into a pile of silver yarn scraps, icky plastic beads, and an OK glass jar.  That bathroom must have been a lulu to take on this storage container.  Grandma should have stuck to making doilies.

I sorted through a ton of my fabric a while back.  I think I am going for that the “one with the most fabric wins” title, but I tripped over this piece that I bought ages ago, because the fabric really was cool, but I am such a schmuck, that I just can’t bring myself to drag it out of the packaging.  Thought I would share it with you today, as the post is a bit short.  Then I can put it away again, find it a few years from now, and delight in it all over again.  So here we go.  Make Your Guy a Tie!

I just don’t even know where to start.  Exec-U-Tie fabric?  For Today’s Man?  Guess I liked this part best:

Easy, economical, and creative.  I suppose she really didn’t feel like any of those things, as here it still sits.  There is a printed pattern and enough fabric to make the tie.  Lucky Dad probably missed out on a super Father’s Day present.

Guess I will sign off for now.  Hope you all are staying warm and cozy, and if you do venture out, send us your fun thrift store finds to share.

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2 Responses to Too Cold for a Cold

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Funny as usual! Hope Deb gets better real soon. I love the tie kit. I actually made my husband a tie ……once. It was for St. Patrick’s Day. I found it in a drawer along with several other ‘special’ ties that I rescued because he was planning to get rid of them. Who knows what I can make out of them one day besides another plastic bagful of stuff? How could he even think of throwing them out? Harumph.

    • kathydeb says:

      Thanks Terri–I do feel better this week! Husbands can be kind of obtuse about the things we make them; I made my husband a Hawaiian shirt out of this cool material and he says it’s too bright! Really, it’s a HAWAIIAN SHIRT, they are supposed to be loud! Kathy has made Barbie clothing out of neckties; I think a kimono would be pretty cool with the right tie pattern.

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