Got Dem Winter Blues Friday Finds

This is a hard time of the year to be amused or amusing.  After the winter holidays, it might as well be spring already.  The only time we find snow tolerable is on Christmas eve, if you need a day off, or if you want to go skiing, snowshoeing, etc.  Feeling like this, we know that we’re in for a long winter!

This winter malaise seems to follow us to our shopping too–thank goodness we have a few left-overs from December to round out the post.  This also might be the first post in a long time where there is almost as much good as bad; we’ll let you be the judge.

Let’s start with something bad, to stay true to our mission.  I wonder what this crafter was thinking when putting this scarf together:

Talking smack about this scarf is like shooting fish in a barrel.  All that I have to say, is that it provides proof positive that beige doesn’t go with everything.

This poor girl was in the case located at the front of our favorite thrift–we wonder why?

Yeah, she might be vintage, but neither of us were tempted in any way, shape, or form to drag her home.  There are a couple of things about her that bother us:  her lack of hands and her shocked expression.  Actually, my Beloved Husband theorizes that her shocked expression is due to the loss of her hands.  That seems like the most reasonable explanation, so I’m going with it.

Not sure why this monkey even exists–we sure as heck wouldn’t buy it except for a gag gift, and maybe not even then:

You know, if you want a gift for someone, what’s wrong with chocolate, flowers, or gift cards?  Also, what does it say about the recipient that the gift giver thought of them when seeing this monkey?

I know what the maker of this plaque was trying to say:

In fact, the first part is really sweet; it’s great when fathers are heroes to their sons AND daughters.  I’m sort of bothered by the “first love” part of this sentiment.  Are they likening a daughter’s love for her father to romantic love?  If so–ICK!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe I’m being too picky and nasty here; if so, I’ll apologize right now.

Let’s wash that bad taste out of our mouths right now:

Both of us really liked this vintage laundry basket; what makes it so fun is the plastic liner, which is still in fair shape.  I would be leery of using it on a daily basis as the plastic is getting brittle, but there aren’t any big holes in it either.  Someone must have loved it a lot because they took such good care of it.

When we were in the parking lot getting ready to go, we looked over and saw this:

Poor baby, waiting patiently for their owner.  This puppy is almost big enough to drive that VW bus!

Next up are a few things Kathy has had saved up to use in a skimpy post.

We are searching for a new home which is proving to be a much harder exercise than I thought it would be.  The best thing is, with a new larger house, I will have more room for cool stuff; the worst thing is, with a new larger house, I will have more room for cool stuff!!!!  I am sure you understand.  Just for fun, I wanted to share just one of the groovy light fixtures in a recent place we looked at.

Sort of makes you want to gag.  The entire house was that vintage, and not in a good way.  Check out the rest of the room.

Sorry for the quality of the photo; had to use my son’s iPod, as who would expect to find blog fodder while house hunting?

While I am sharing, I also wanted to share a good thing.  Well, we liked it anyway.  For Christmas, Deb found these, and she was sure I needed them.  She was right, of course.

You know of my fondness for little wooden things, (Wooden it be lovely) so these tiny fellas fit right in.  They aren’t politically correct, and who eats watermelon at Christmas, but they sure are cute.

Keep tuned, we have some book reviews and fun(ny) craft pamphlet posts coming up as well as our usual Friday Finds.

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5 Responses to Got Dem Winter Blues Friday Finds

  1. IngerK says:

    Thank you ladies for this week’s smiles! :o))
    Fun and silly finds, as always. The Dad thing is kinda nasty, looking like a gravestone! lol
    Weekend hugs,

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      You know Inger, we hadn’t even considered the gravestone aspect of the plaque–double ick! Thanks for reading; glad we started your weekend off with a smile.

  2. Connie says:

    I think that my monkey loving husband would be leery of that orange abomination. What exactly was it crafted from?

    However, hope was restored with the vintage laundry basket. Very adorable. I am sure that would have come home with me.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I took another look at the monkey picture and it seems to be made of some dried grass/straw material. At least it felt like those old straw brooms, dyed a hideous orange to boot. I tried to buy that cute basket for you, but the woven piece that held the bottom on had come off since last Friday 8- (

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