We’re Baaack….with more Friday Finds

It’s all sort of anticlimactic isn’t it?  The holidays are over and packed away, and we face January, with snow and cold.  Well, not in Colorado right now, it’s a sunny 50 degrees.  I always consider these days a gift from Mother Nature to make up for the wind and cold that will surely nail us soon!!  It gets us in a garage sale mood, but there aren’t any, so we have to make do with the thrift stores, as usual.

Most of the time, we are pretty happy-go-lucky thrifters, but once in a while we see something that gets our hackles up, and makes us want to yell at some managers.  Take this first set of photos:

It’s a shelf full of decorator wannabes straight from the local bargain bin at the Bad Taste on a Budget decorator show room.  Taken by itself, we could have walked right by, but then we made the poor choice to look closer:

Can you see that price tag?  Seriously, $79.99 at a thrift store?  We had to pick up several other pieces just to make sure we weren’t hallucinating (not that we do that often, but Deb and I are both sort of dyslexic when it comes to numbers, you should see us trying to find a garage sale address sometimes!)  Some of them were priced even higher.  I know the thrift store looked at the original price, and decided that half price was a good idea, but I bet the original purveyor of bad art couldn’t foist these off on the unwary public at 90% off, and that’s why they donated them.  A little more, just in case you aren’t turned off enough:

To make these even worse, Deb had found a lovely old book with bird pictures in it.  She set it down to take the photos, and forgot to pick it up again.  When we went back to look for it, someone else had picked it up.  We are usually pretty philosophical about these sorts of things, but it was a really great book.  The sacrifices we make for our adoring public.

You know you have been scrounging around in second hand stores for too long, when you see this:

and spend the next few minutes scouring the shelves, because you know it just has to have a friend, and you need a photo of both of them.  Lucky for you, we were successful:

While searching the shelves for the partner in crime shown above, we noticed these:

How many paint by numbers can you do?  Seriously, there were even more, we just got the choicest ones out.   Can’t they put all that excess energy to use, say, painting my kitchen?  It might work, if I put little numbers on each wall, so they would be sure and know where the white paint goes. Maybe they would get suspicious when there was only one color, but, heck, they forgot and painted two of the same thing, so maybe not.  Just a little closeup for you:

We named this one the barnacle bowl:

Not sure where the potter was going here, but he was like the Energizer Bunny of potters, he just kept going and going … It weighed several pounds, so I guess if all else fails, you could chuck at any cat burglars heading into your place, and do some grave damage.  (To the burglar, not the pot.)

Deb, as a nurse, has some serious concerns about these two:

Looks like there was a major accident, and both of them need neck braces STAT.  Besides that, they are just plain ugly.  Maybe they WANT to have their necks broken to put them out of our misery.  By the way, we didn’t even set up this shot, other than to move something out from behind it.  Sometimes, we are pretty sure the store clerks have a odd sense of humor hiding behind those volunteer aprons.

We know you wouldn’t want us to let a week go by without inflicting some bad shell art on you.  I don’t know why these catch our eye so often.  Maybe because there are so darn many of them.  There ought to be a moratorium on animals making new shells, so these would stop.  Sorry, you’ve got to keep that old shell.  No casting your discards on the beach any more:

Yes, it is a basket this time.  Deb and I love baskets, but for some reason we passed on this one.  Could be the “lovely” turquoise and peach raffia though.

Trivia time here.  Can you guess when this was made?

Nothing like some bicentennial string art for you.  I’m sure it was “revolutionary”.  Groan.

We wanted to finish up with something fun, although, yet again, the store prices saved us from ourselves.  We thought this was great, but neither one of us wanted to sacrifice the space in our doll rooms for $19.99:

It was really cute, and seemed to be mostly there.  If, it had been less, I am sure one of us would have had to drag it home.  I know I would have adored this as a kid.

Here’s hoping your thrifts are bargains, and your finds are fantastic all the way through 2012, and if they are not, you know where to send the evidence.

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4 Responses to We’re Baaack….with more Friday Finds

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Ewww…the pottery conglomeration looks like a bowl on top of a wasps’ nest. Are you sure there wasn’t anything live in those openings?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We were too afraid to look and see what might be in there! If possible, wasps are worse than barnacles; barnacles won’t hurt you if you don’t step on them.

  2. Connie says:

    Oh dear. The cherubs seeking protection behind the nurse angel’s wings reminds me of “A Christmas Carol”. The scene that I am thinking of specifically is the Ghost of Christmas Present telling Scrooge that the wretched creatures beneath his cloak are “Ignorance” and “Want”. I guess the creator of this piece was ignorant of taste of thought the unsuspecting public would surely want this object de art.

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