Christmas is Homemade Part Deux

Yes, we are back with more.  You didn’t think you would get off that easily did you?  As Deb pointed out last week, there is an element of torture involved in all this.  We see this often in our finds.  You know, so bad, it’s good?  Well, maybe not this week, but I am sure you will feel better after a good groan or two.

We collect this stuff all year long, as there is no season on Christmas at garage sales.  This bowl made me wish I carried a portable generator just to see it lit up:

Guess I could have just asked to have it plugged in, but where’s the fun in that?

Deb and I got the worst case of deja vu, this past week.  We came around the end of the aisle, when what to our wondering eyes should appear, but the cousin of the awful yarn wreath!  (See last week’s Christmas post!)

Someone must have had a heck of a surplus sale on white yarn.  You could knit two ugly Christmas sweaters out of this, and be miles ahead.

While on the subject of previous posts.  Remember we warned you about the angel mold?  We decided this one must have come out of it.  Actually, it is a smidge different, but you get the point.  There must be more molds somewhere.  If you see one, do us all a favor, and take a sledgehammer to it:

We’re pretty sure who ever painted this had recently seen the Stepford Wives, so here is the Stepford Angel?

And with hopes high, we headed to a different thrift store, only to run smack dab into this unholy trio:

See what comes of leaving one little mold out there?  They multiply like happy rabbits!

We keep attempting to lay off the seashell things, but doggone it, they just follow us around like a bad pull toy wanting their photos taken.  How could we resist these?

Guess it could have been worse; they could have painted them gold.  The hardware store must have been out that day.

I don’t know why crafts become the dumping ground of re-purposed items, but crafters were doing this long before it was chic.  If you don’t believe me, check out the following goodies.

What do you do with those old flowerpots just laying around?  No, don’t do something silly like plant them with herbs, and make a useful gift.  Make this instead:

It actually does have a pretty cute face, but I understand why, the minute Great Aunt Edna’s  back was turned, it made it to the thrift store.  We wish to point out the ubiquitous white yarn that makes up the tassel; whoever sold that white yarn must of made a bundle!

And let’s not make a patio, when these are so much better to stub your toe on:

I don’t know where you are supposed to keep a trio of brick paver snowmen during the year, as they would cause a hernia for anyone lifting the box of ornaments.  Maybe you could sneak them into a corner of the patio, and remove them just at Christmas time.  No one would notice those eyes looking at them.  The scarves might be a giveaway though.

This next entry came from last week’s estate sale, and we have to admit to rather liking them:

Cut from old furnace filters, and hung with ornaments.  As far as re-using an item, we think this is a success story.  Deb and I frequently regret not knowing the people from some estate sales.  We think these folks would have been our kind of people.

Now these are not homemade but they have that look to them.  I will confess that they would have come home with me, but the thrift store had $5 on them, and I am cheap, and afraid to face hubby with them:

Each crazy bell looked like they raided the chicken coop, stole the wire,  and hung beads on it, then put it over a light bulb.  Inside looked like this:

I frequently wonder what manufacturers think when these ideas come into the office.  “Yeah, those will sell like hotcakes, make a million of them.”  Who could resist chicken wire bells that are electrified?  Oh wait, don’t they call those electric fences?

As the holidays approach we want to wish everyone a peaceful and joyous holiday season, and new year filled with love and laughter!

And yeah, I almost bought this too.  Good thing Deb wasn’t there, she would have; she can’t resist deer!!  [Deb:  Deer, chocolate, and wooden boxes–just twist my rubber arm!]

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4 Responses to Christmas is Homemade Part Deux

  1. Terri Gold says:

    It’s been fun reading your posts all year. Wishes to you and Deb for a wonderful new year. Looking forward to more.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Thanks for reading and all of your fun comments; that’s the reason we enjoy blogging so much! Here’s wishing you and your family a healthy and happy new year.

  2. Carol says:

    After seeing the yarn wreaths last week, I couldn’t imagine them being more terrifying until I went to the Salvation Army thrift store in W. Lebanon, NH(I guess these were popular crafts in their day) and saw not one but 2 in person. I tried to remove them from the shelf and look at them closely but they were so tangled up in other items, the disaster could have been epic. And to top it off they also had the yarn Santa. I can only hope I saw all the horrifying things in one trip!


    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Now that is a terrifying coincidence! If you keep finding all the same bad things we see, you might want to consider an evil eye bead or burning sage to prevent bad deja vu.

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