Just a Wee Few Friday Finds

We always have a fun time shopping, however much badness we see.  Our last expedition was no different, but most of the things we saw fit better into a Christmas post (be afraid, be very afraid!)  Lucky for us,  there were still enough left-overs for a wee small post to tide us over until the Christmas posts start up next week.

Let’s start with a rare elevating thought before we descend into our usual snarkiness:

We try to keep that in mind while shopping together.  We both collect a lot of the same things, but we have never even come close to fighting over any of our treasures.  It might be due to our mantra:  That (whatever) must not have been meant for me.  We would rather be mad at fate, not each other.

Time to get back to the real reason we write these posts:

This little fairy or angel is so awful that her little friend can’t even look at her.  If you had this pair in your garden, you might pray for a hailstorm.

This pair of pictures are surely a relic of their time:

Can you imagine using this kind of stereotype as a business advertisement now-a-days?  They are well executed, but goodness the design makes us shake our heads.  Fighting Whities anyone?

Okay, this next thing is one of our guilty pleasures.  We aren’t proud of it, but it might help to think of it like the website People of Walmart:

We tried hard, but failed, to get her cart into the picture also.  It answers a question we have pondered mightily for many a year:  Who buys all that cheap golden decorative crap?  Apparently she does.  You have never seen a cart so full of gold statues, flowers, vases, picture frames, …  We actually spoke briefly with her, and she was very nice, but we have to say that most of her taste is in her mouth

We’ll end on a picture of our least favorite thrift store’s fun window display:

Love the hanging Santa hats, not too sure about the featured outfits.  If you read one of last year’s Christmas posts, you might remember the “decorated outfits” sold by this thrift store:Well, rest assured that there are more samples of this Christmas wear, but we have to save them for a Christmas post.

As always, thanks for reading our blog.  We will be doing some special Christmas posts in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  We also hope to do a post about our Christmas jewelry collection, which has to be seen to be believed; this should serve to balance out all the holiday horrors we will be serving up beforehand.

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