Let’s Talk Turkeys

Yes, folks it is that time again.  Time to gather around the table with family and friends, and be thankful you don’t own any of the following turkey-like masterpieces.  At least we hope you don’t!!

Now we know it’s a tradition to stuff the turkey, but we prefer cornbread to this:

This poor fellow looks like he has already ingested way too much turkey, and is well into the tryptophan stupor following.  We did get a giggle from the turkey foot detail on this guy.

No detail is too small not to get covered in trim on this tom turkey.  He seems to have one of everything…. everywhere.

For those into simpler crafts, we have this example:

One of those easy printed pillows where the back and front are just sewn together.  Really though, the front face on view of a faded turkey is just not the most attractive thing in the world, and this one is no exception.  We think we prefer this view.

At least the turkey rear end is tastefully hidden behind a large pumpkin.  Still and all, it’s a place to lay your weary head after a hard morning’s  cooking.

Now, we actually have to admit that we rather liked these little candles.

We just thought they were cute, but you are going to have “gobble” that meal down quick before they burn out, if you actually use them for your feast.  When the candles are done, the guests have to leave, right?  Maybe they are more useful than we thought.

This next item truly falls into the “What is it?” category.

We like covered dishes, are especially drawn to chicken ones (We once went to a sale, where they literally had 100s of chicken covered dishes.  Never seen such a thing before or since), but this is just a monstrosity.  We can’t tell what that head is supposed to represent, but it really creeps us out.  Deb suggested it was part octopus.  If it weren’t for the tail, there would be no chance of deciding it was actually a turkey.  Not to mention, this is one of my least favorite colors of glass.  Thank goodness they taped the top on, as we wouldn’t want this to hit the floor and shatter.  Well, probably we do, but we are not going to be the ones responsible for that.

We think the makers just got lazy here:

We especially love the look of horror in the turkey’s eye while looking at its beak.  Speaking of beaks, this turkey reminded Deb more of Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama than a real turkey:

Lastly, and perhaps most creepily (yes even creepier than Dr. Zoidberg) we saw these Thanksgiving figures:

They kind of look like Peanuts knock-offs, but as adults.  There is something incredibly maniacal about that middle woman; it might be the size and redness of her mouth.  We can sort of imagine that she might be eying her fellow diners as a meal instead of the lovely feast.

We hoped you enjoyed our Turkey feast, or if not, you got a good laugh.  We wish everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving shared with those you love best, and we are very thankful for all our loyal readers!!!

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2 Responses to Let’s Talk Turkeys

  1. Terri Gold says:

    There’s something about cute turkey figurines at Thanksgiving that doesn’t make sense. I mean we’re going to cook and eat the birds; why are they smiling? So weird.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      There’s nothing to smile about if you’re a turkey at Thanksgiving; unless you happen to be the one pardoned by the president. We have to say that most of the animals we eat are kind of unattractive, with the possible exception of game animals.

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