(Un)Good Friday Finds

We’re playing catch-up after doing the Halloween posts, so we won’t swear that our next couple of posts are from any one particular Friday.  What a wonderful luxury to have some horrors stored away; takes all the “pressure” off our shopping expeditions!  ;- )

A while ago we were reading a book about collectors, their collections, and why they collect.  There was a woman in this book that collected The Last Supper items.  She had pictures of the awesome Last Supper representations/interpretations that folks had sent her.  Every time we see a Last Supper picture we have an urge (sternly repressed) to buy it, and send it on to THE person who would appreciate it.  This would make an admirable addition to such a collection:

It was just so god-awful ugly; what’s with the Black Hills Tricolor Gold effect–in 3D no less!  And you have to take a close look at the diner to the right of Jesus; for all the world it looks like a two-headed being a la Zaphod Beeblebrox.  Though to be fair, none of the disciples are that well done.  It’s hard to tell if the last disciple on the left is male or female; whichever it is, baby got back.   All this picture needs is an attached music box playing Rock Me Sexy Jesus in order to be a tasteless superstar.  Why would anyone take an artistic masterpiece executed by a genius and do this to it?  We do believe the maker of this picture should be on their knees begging forgiveness; maybe the seller too, for asking $25 for this mess.

At this next garage sale, we were amused by the owner putting a bike lock on this statue/chair.  It made us think that this gal was a rolling stone and needed to be tied down to stay in place:

Truth to tell, we live in a pretty law-abiding town; it’s hard to believe that this seat is so desirable that people would haul it away.  The picture also displays the unorganized mess this garage sale was.  There is a baby seat and tubing in front of her, a china plate laying on the ground, plus shelves casually leaning behind her.  There were some cool paper items and books at this sale that we didn’t drag home–they smelled so dang mildewy.  There are some things that can be de-mildewed, but books and paper are really tough.

We were amused by this two-ton thermos:

Doesn’t it just scream the seventies with those colors and graphics?  However, no one short of a weight lifter could ever tip this if it was full.  We think it might have been lined with cement, instead of metal or glass.

This piece of  china is a perfect example of how more isn’t always better:

It’s from Japan, made by Wale, but that doesn’t help at all.  We don’t care how skinny you are, pink ruffles down your thighs is never a good look.  To tell the truth, the poor little guy is well into Little Lord Fauntleroy territory, by at least three ruffles.  Plus, we hate to mention it, but there are some ruffians behind you, and they are probably up to no good.

This week, chalkware didn’t fare much better than china:

We are dismayed by this little lady’s bad manners; look how she is grabbing for the flowers, with a petulant expression on her face.  She is so grabby, and he is doting; that makes them both annoying!

Because we are worried about our karma, here are a couple of goodies:

This fabulous fake fur coat had the most beautiful lining.  We love the attention to detail that leads clothiers to make the inside as beautiful as the outside.

Since Kathy didn’t write a True Confession about this dress, I will:

It was in with the Halloween costumes, but we pounced on its obvious fabulousness.  How can you not love eyelash fabrics?  Kathy tried it on, and it fit her perfectly; it was just too fun to leave behind.

Well, that’s it for this week.  We have a Thanksgiving post coming up, plus another vintage crazy craft post, so stay tuned.

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4 Responses to (Un)Good Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    I absolutely loved that thermos. I would have bought it in a heartbeat! It fits in with my pitcher/creamer… well… let’s face it… all things that pour fascination.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      It had such great graphics! Todd would have to design some sort of rig to support the weight of the thing, while you delicately fill glasses.

  2. Erika says:

    Ahhhh… The Last Supper. A classic find at resale shops far and wide. Even better than that is your write up of the picture… Zaphod Beeblebrox AND Rock Me Sexy Jesus in the same paragraph? Unparalleled!

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