Halloween II

Last week was our first 2011 Halloween post–those polyester outfits could turn anyone into a walking horror show.  This week we will be looking at some finds that will put your Halloween decorating right over the top, and we don’t mean in a good way.

If scaring the tar out of folks is your goal, then have we got some “goodies” for you:

I would have never recognized these gruesome cases as old fire extinguisher cabinets, but Kathy knew what they were right away.  If you are going to make something like this, consider recycling instead of starting with all new materials; you can feel good about yourself while giving the neighborhood children nightmares!

You might be able to guess that this suitcase is from the same inventive mind:We were totally creeped out on a bright sunshiny day; my hair would have been standing on end for days, if I had trick-or-treated at this house.

When we first saw this candle at Goodwill, we thought it was a religious figure reading a book; however closer examination called that theory into question:

The pink she-male figure is ambiguous enough–the long hair and belted robe sure do look monkish, and you’ll just have to trust us that the face wasn’t very feminine.  But how do you explain the cat?  If it had been black, we would have probably loved this candle; it’s not working in a raspberry color.  Thankfully candles come with a self-destruct sequence–all it takes is a match!

Time for a couple of nice pictures to help you get back to your happy place.  We can’t think of a little girl who wouldn’t have been thrilled with this costume:

The fabric was a lovely brocade, and the trim had sequins–nuff said.

We saw this gorgeous maple tree in the Goodwill parking lot:

The most common fall color in Colorado is yellow in a good year, and brown in a bad year.  Our weather usually fluctuates too much in the fall for the nice red colors to develop; leaves frequently turn yellow before they fall to the ground, and we’re happy with that.  We get brown leaves when there is an early frost, and the leaves go from green to brown overnight which is pretty depressing.  This fall has been a great one with cool nights and warm days; the maple and oak trees did their thing, and we were treated to some lovely reds and oranges for a change.

The last Halloween find is a craft item.  Can you guess what this pumpkin was made of?

Here’s a hint:

Yup, it’s a flexible plastic dryer hose, sprayed orange and twisted into a pumpkin shape.  It makes a nice pumpkin shape; who would have thunk it?

Here’s hoping your Halloween is filled with ghouls and chocolate!

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8 Responses to Halloween II

  1. IngerK says:

    Love todays Halloween post! Especially the plastic dryer hose pumpkin … it was hilarious! :o))
    Halloween Hugs! Inger

  2. Connie says:

    Love the dryer hose turned pumpkin! Now that won’t give me nightmares.

  3. SusanB says:

    ❤ it all – you can NEVER have too much Halloween! You ladies rock!

  4. Nadine says:

    Thank you so much for what you do – the national news gets so depressing and I always get good laughs from your posts – keep em coming

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