Fashion Takes a Holiday

One of our favorite things about Halloween (other than the awesome decorations, and a perfectly good excuse to pig out on chocolate) is that all our favorite thrift stores save up all their vintage fashions all year long, to put out now.  It becomes a most amusing trip through the horrendous taste of years gone by.  So without further ado, we would like to share some of the low lights with you!!!

Usually, our first reaction to many of the clothes is pity for the poor wearer.  This one really deserves a genuine hand-written sympathy card.

No one that size should put that pattern on their bodies.  I know it will get snatched up by some giant fella for his drag outfit, and end the ignominy of it all for good.

You know, there is just no good that can come of polyester, and this next entry is no exception.

Obviously the wearer never got near an open flame, as this puppy would spontaneously combust.  Don’t believe me?  Look closer:

Well, if that polyester didn’t make you want to run screaming in the opposite direction, try this little number on for size.

Can we all just agree to NEVER let this color come into fashion again?

Then there are the “wannabes”, the sad knockoffs of fashion that was OK.  Take this Gunne Sax imposter.  Remember those pseudo-Victorian numbers by Jessica McClintock in the late 70’s?  Well, this ain’t one.

More bad fabric, and obviously the K-mart special at ¼ the cost.  Poor girl, she tried so hard.  Her bridesmaids probably got together and stoned her after the wedding.

Sometimes, things are the real deal, but even designers have a bad day.  We decided we didn’t care one iota that this jacket was clearly labeled Escada.

It’s frumpy, and that is one horrific color combo.  Imagine what the original purchaser had to pay to look that bad.  Perfect for Halloween though.  It would scare the hell out of most anyone.

Just in case the giant blue flowered dress was not enough for you, we have one in another color that gives the same effect.

It really doesn’t get any better close up either.

Makes you wonder why it lived in someone’s closet that long.  I guess the moths have better taste than to attack something like that.

Lest you think all vintage fashion is horrible, we wanted to leave you with a couple of them to make you smile.  This next one is perfect for Halloween in black and orange, well a little more towards peach, but you gotta admit, it’s a heck of a dress.

It was beautifully made.  The skirt was full, and would have had a petticoat under it to make it stand out.  I am sure she was surrounded by handsome men while wearing this!!  Clothes like this make me yearn for the past, when you had occasions to wear such things.

And last, our favorite of the batch.

Is this fun or what?  Screaming 60s fabric, print and pattern, and then the icing on the cake?  Pompons!!!  It was about a size 4, but if it had fit either of us, it would have come home with us.   I don’t know where we would have worn it, but maybe we would have looked chic at the local grocery store.  Probably would have scared the neighborhood children with it, but we would have been having fun while doing it.

With apologies to all those who lived through these fashions (We did too!) we’ll sign off for now.

Wait, Wait, we have a last minute entry.  We found this one last week, and there was no way we would make our loyal readers do without seeing it.

There is a reason this was hanging with the Halloween costumes.  You could easily use it to terrify entire groups of trick or treaters  into never coming hear your house again.  If you don’t believe me, look at the closeup.

Yep, just plain scary.  OK, really done for now.  Till next week, we hope all your fashions are good ones.

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10 Responses to Fashion Takes a Holiday

  1. Terri Gold says:

    “Her bridesmaids probably got together and stoned her after the wedding.” LOL

    I’ll bet no one ever wore that orange number.

  2. MJ says:

    I LOL’d. Literally. LOVED the Black and Peach number, so classic!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We loved it too–we just don’t live the lifestyle where we could wear that lovely frock anywhere but the thrift store or garage sales. ;- )

  3. Connie says:

    As someone who remembers the Gunne Sax days and actually owned one to boot (junior prom), I am horrified by the sad knock-off. It makes me wonder if Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was sleeping with the pattern maker from the knock-off company. Or am I just the only one thinking this?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I have to admit that my wedding dress was a Genne Sax, as well as my prom dress. LOL Deb doesn’t get it, she was just past that when they came out. And yes, that is a pretty scary thought.

  4. Connie says:

    So is the horrendous blue and white polyester number a onesie for an adult? The image of that is almost as frightening as the fabric!

  5. I keep thinking that with all the steampunk stuff out there, it ought to be time for Gunne Sax to come back in again, dangit!

    And as for not having occasions to wear gorgeous frocks like that one above…why not throw your own dinner party? Some friends and I have occasional tea parties just to have an excuse to get our men into their top hats….

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      While we love the idea of having a dress-up tea party; there is a zero percent chance that our husbands would dress in tails and top hat for a dinner party. They are definitely more the Hawaiian shirt and and picnic sort of guys.

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