Friday Finds–We Gots Them!

Oh what a fun day of shopping!  Since Kathy had missed the previous week of shopping, we hit the old reliable thrift stores, and just for kicks, went to a consignment shop downtown.  Strangely enough, looking at several of the pictures, we noticed that the backgrounds have some unintentional humor, so there is some bonus funniness in this post.

We were intrigued by this Wookiee with lovely blue peepers (right side of the picture) when we noticed what he was next to:

We can just see the maker of this tchotchke thinking to himself (we know it was a man, any woman would have made jewelry, hair clips, buttons, or something useful) “I have these horns; maybe I should dye them shamrock green, cut them into strange shapes, and build a boat!  Yeah, that’s the ticket, I’ll sell a million of them!”  Good luck with that.  Alternately, this is a pic of Chewie with his new ship, the intergalactic star cruiser The Greenhorn.

Next, we have a low-budget variation on the Kermit and Miss Piggy romance:

He’s a brass candle holder, she’s a ceramic piggy bank; it seems like a match made in heaven.  This little piggy is vintage Made in Japan ware; of course, the decoration is just a little over-the-top and slightly askew.

We find this next pig a real puzzler:

Looking closely at this picture, you can notice in the left upper corner a little girl holding her hand to her cheek while gazing at the pig.  It’s a gesture of horror, that we totally understand, in reaction to this oddity.  This poor piggy looks like his mommy sneaked into the giraffe’s pen for a night of high-minded conversation (hey we strive for a PG rating!)

At first glance this little guy looks fairly normal:

A flower-pot featuring a cute little animal sniffing a flower is usually a slam dunk.  But exactly what kind of animal is this?  We were thinking that this is a sheep, or maybe a porcupine, until we looked at those paws.  Those are monkey paws, but then look at the fur or ears.  It’s another case of some extra-species breeding.  What are the odds that we would see two mixed-up animals in one thrift store?

This next thing must have been made for a young girl:

But really, we felt our blood sugar rise 200 points just standing next to this shelf.  Sorry, fans of lavender and/or unicorns.

These shoes were right by the front door, and they were show-stoppers:

You would feel totally fabulous tip-toeing around in these babies.  Animal prints almost always work for us!

Here is a whole collection of vintage Made in Japan figurines waiting for adoption:

Hope someone buys them all and provides them with a good home.  There are some fun little dogs in this group.

Oh my goodness, what the heck is going on with this purse:

We suppose that in some situations, this could be fun.  On the other hand, it also could be really creepy.  They remind us of characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas–Lock, Shock, and Barrel anyone?

This oil painting reminds us of one we saw more than a year ago; first look at the new picture:

What do you think?  Did the same pink-obsessed artist paint them both?  Here is the old one:

Yes siree, lots of pink in both of these pictures.  I think the old picture (immediately above) is better executed; the top most picture is not enhanced by the impressionist style.  They both are just too pink to live anywhere but a frilly boudoir.

We saw lots of lamps at the consignment shop; let’s look at the cool vintage ones first:

What can we say?  We are suckers for vintage fiberglass lamp shades, the funkier the better.  Of course my fondness for Asian vintage decor is well documented, and we may have mentioned before that Kathy is a sucker for the color red!

Now look at this poor specimen of a lamp:

We were never fans of these lamps; it’s sort of a cross between the Michelin man and Egyptian canopic jars.  That color is sort of hard to take too.

Finally, we saw this cool TV:

We had heard of clear plastic TVs, but had never seen one.  Not sure what it’s made of, but it’s cool.  The buffalo in the picture behind the TV does not agree with our assessment;  he looks pretty annoyed, or frightened.

Thanks to all of you who submitted guesses about the tea straw from last week’s post. Melanie was the first reader to correctly identify it, and more importantly, want it.  Congrats Melanie.

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6 Responses to Friday Finds–We Gots Them!

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I think it’s a hedgehog.

  2. Fran Carr says:

    Hello Roses,

    I love the “voodoo” purse! I think it was purchased by someone on holiday in Peru. It looks to me to be facsimile Chancay dolls; here is a link:

    Thanks for all the amusing thrift stories, I look forward to them every week!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We love how our readers have all this diverse knowledge–thanks for the link! We agree with you that they appear to Peruvian Chancay dolls on a purse. That moves them from the odd category to the cool/interesting category. Thanks for reading!

  3. Connie says:

    I am stunned by the odd pig/giraffe ceramic thingy. I can’t even imagine what must have been going through the mind of the person who created it. Was it a nightmare? Is that why the critter has a ceramic quilt over the top of him? Is he trying to hide from himself? Regardless of what it was meant to be… I think it is suitable fodder for the gun range. 🙂

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