Handmade Friday Finds

Fall is slipping away much too quickly; garage sale season is almost over here.  Neither of us would like to live anywhere really hot, but it might almost be worth it to be able to go to garage sales all year round.  Garage sales are a wild card for junkers like us; we seem to make our most fabulous finds at garage or estate sales.  You never know what treasure you may stumble upon, if you look hard enough.  At thrift stores, too many people have seen the donations before we wander in, unless we are really lucky, which we are from time to time.

We did find some fun sewing things this week.  Take a gander at the patterns:

We do spend some time looking at older patterns for a number of reasons:  to study vintage fashions; to look for Barbie or apron patterns, to locate and buy those awful craft patterns, and to find those wacky and fabulous 1960’s patterns.  The slip pattern was fun, and the baby clothes adorable–but that fab 1960’s headgear is out of this world!  That yarn cowl in the center row is hysterical.  I’m old enough to remember the mod fashion craziness, but I have never seen anyone outside of Monty Python and the Holy Grail wear crocheted armor.  We did pick that pattern up, with the thought of trying to make our mod Barbies some vintage hats.

As much as we liked the patterns, the fabric selection left something to be desired:

Maybe you could make nighties from that fabric, and sell them as birth control sleepwear.  Surely it would deflate even the randiest of partners.  Or, as we have theorized in the past, you could make safety vests from these kinds of fabrics; let’s protect our highway workers and hunters!

While doing a little wandering through our photo gallery, I ran across this vase that we have ignored (perhaps justifiably):

It seems to be a cross between the Michelin Man and Jabba the Hutt.  Don’t be fooled by the picture; this is one continuous vase, not a bunch of hastily stacked smaller pots.  Maybe the potter was going for a Leaning Tower motif; if so… spot on!

We have heard of ships in a bottle, but never a vacation in a bottle:

Here you can see a typical Filipino scene, but I can’t help imagining how good the rum that was originally in the bottle tasted.  Personally, I’ll take the rum!

Last week we found a crewel embroidery dog picture.  If only we saved it to go side-by-side with this statue:

Ahhh 1970’s decor:  waifs, clowns, and sad dogs; we run into it every week at the thrift store.

We are always amused and amazed when someone’s collection ends up at a thrift store:

We’ve seen them all–elephants, dogs, cats, cows, bells, shot glasses, skunks, and now chickens.  It’s nice that they are all together, keeping each other company.  Come to think of it, we had noticed some chicken coffee cups, and perhaps a chicken picture or two.  We should have moved it all together so some lucky shopper could buy the whole collection, intact.

That’s it for this weeks finds.  Keep tuning in; you never know what we may come across next week, and you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun.

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6 Responses to Handmade Friday Finds

  1. SusanB says:

    Actually, I’m thinking that vase looks like a necrotized colon…. :cp

  2. Terri Gold says:

    The vintage pattern packets are wonderful. I have some of my mother’s and always visualize them framed and hung in my sewing room. Problem is, I have no room on the walls to hang anything. The doll cabinets took care of that. Luckily, one can still see the windows in the room.
    That fabric looks like bark cloth – very popular in the Mad Men era for couches and draperies. Not my taste but some people love it.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      That’s a great idea about framing patterns; sadly we are in the same state you are–no room on the walls. The fabric was definitely not to our taste either!

  3. Enola says:

    some of the vintage patterns can be used for your dolls–scan the layout of the pattern pieces and adjust for size…there was a tutorial on that once upon a time in the doll world, I think Dale Rae made it?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Thanks for the info, we’ll have to look it up. Kathy has used a couple of old patterns for clothing; let’s hope that hats fit the same way.

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