Short and Sweet Friday Finds

We aren’t sure if it was a hang-over from the holiday weekend, or maybe things are just winding down, but there weren’t very many garage sales last weekend.  However, we are just so easy to please, that the couple that we did find, satisfied the hunting and gathering requirement (hunting for finds and gathering pictures) for this week’s post.

For the second straight week, there was a garage sale near my house, so we moseyed over to look at what was on offer.  If I hadn’t bought the Danish modern coffee table last week, the maple tea cart with wooden wheels and glass tray would have rolled right across the street to my house.  ( Kathy:  she might have had to fight me for it, as I loved it too! )  I think they make great plant stands, what with the glass tray–african violets look just about perfect displayed this way.  Sorry there isn’t a picture; these are new neighbors, and we need to establish a relationship before we can discuss my peculiar hobby.

The next garage sale was all about Halloween.  These people must do the most amazing party and decorations, judging from what they had for sale.  We are saving the pictures for the Halloween post, and I’ll try to drive by their house when the decorations are up so you can see what we mean about over-the-top Halloween decorations.

At Goodwill, we were wandering and gabbing away, when all conversation stopped.  You can’t talk and have your mouth hang open in shock.   All you can do is make unintelligible squawking sounds.  What would do that to two experienced thrift store sifters like us?  See for yourself:

What in the wide world were they thinking?  Where would these two clowns even fit into a decorating scheme?  The one with his pants down, looks like he is humping those poor pictures; Pinky may never be the same.  If we had just rearranged them a little, the clown with the yellow pants would be pointing out his companion’s inexplicable behavior.  Honestly, they give us the willies, and we really hope they weren’t hanging in some poor kid’s bedroom!  What do you all think–could these two be in the running for ugliest thing ever?  Or maybe just the creepiest thing ever.

Speaking of the Goodwill picture department, Kathy snapped a shot of this 5×7 gem a couple of weeks ago:

What is it about rattlesnakes that makes some men want to pick them up?  That rattling noise makes my blood run cold, and my feet run in the opposite direction.  As if this picture weren’t strange enough, that taxidermied snake head attached to the glass provides the final touch of yuck.  Although that sure doesn’t look like a big enough head for a snake that long.  Oh lord, we had better stop now, before the sexual innuendo gets rolling [insert your joke here].

This footed urn was a pretty strange combination of things:

Just looking at the picture, those feet look more like a baby’s foot than typical fanciful furniture feet.  It’s a weird concept and bad execution all in one ugly package.  Maybe it could just walk off into the land of bad decorating objects on its own.

We run into Melmac dishes every so often; they usually aren’t this pink:


The whole set would work in a 1950’s kitchen perfectly (at the right scale, these dishes would be a great addition to Barbie’s dream house). The pink in the first picture is more true to life.  We aren’t sure where that orphan lavender sugar bowl came from, but vintage plastic dishes should hang out together.

Well that’s it for another installment of Friday Finds.  We are always on the lookout for amazing, or amazingly bad things; we’ll let you know what we find.

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