We Got Yer Friday Finds Right Here

After watching a TV show on regional accents and speech, there are a couple of phrases that just won’t vacate my brain–hence the title.  It works just fine for what we ran into last week at garage/estate sales (it’s getting hard to tell the difference any more) and thrift stores.

The first garage sale we went to had some wonderful things at not-so-bargain prices:

This cast-iron Christmas tree stand is pretty unusual and very nice. The price was at the high end of retail, and really how many tree stands do you need?  It worries us that the electric plugs are conveniently located on the metal stand that holds water AND a dried-up pine tree.  Sounds like a recipe for one of the “Christmas disaster” movies that come out during the holidays.

The next estate, er, garage sale was much more fun.  We’ll probably go back, as the organizer told us that there is a lot more to be sorted through.  This is what Deb bought:

Deb really has only this to say in her defense about the top-hatted reindeer and elf, “They were really cheap”.  She plans on sharing half the roll of corrugated paper with Kathy–no matter what Kathy says.  The instructions enclosed in the roll are pretty funny all by themselves; the ideas presented are right out of those crazy craft books we love so much:

Gosh, we think that all those folks who passed on this paper are just kicking themselves now that they can see how useful it is.  If we ever make any of these projects, we’ll be sure to take pictures.  In the meantime, we’ll be on the lookout for some “Bordette” to go with the Corobuff corrugated paper.

There were a couple of things we passed on at the sale:

I think we all know why this lamp will still be there at the next sale, unless some frat boys buy it as a prank.  Come to think of it, that same demographic may also be attracted to this next thing:

Sorry for the bad picture; the deer’s head was cut off by the camera,  bad camera!!  The style is primitive, and if you include the deer’s head, the statue was around four feet tall.  We were confused about the animal behind the main figure; is it a pig, or dog, or some other hybrid critter (please refer to a previous comment on the mating tendencies of poodles)?  This creature appears to be at least part chihuahua, if you go by the ears, which would be historically valid if you assume the male is a Mayan, or another Mesoamerican hunter.

At the next estate sale, we ran into a remainder from a previous week’s estate sale, if that makes any sense.  We admired the pattern, but didn’t buy the set because the asking price was $75–does that seem high to you–even for Nippon china?


It seemed high to us, especially considering that there weren’t any lids on the sugar bowl or coffee pot.  There were four cups, six saucers, four dessert plates, a serving bowl, and a creamer.  Even more puzzling, was the appearance of this china service at an unrelated estate sale.  Kathy saw a couple of pictures from the previous sale too.  This current sale wasn’t run by the company that did the other sale, nor did we see the same cashiers or floor staff.  Hmmm, is there a new estate liquidation company that specializes in items that didn’t sell at the original sales; comparable to a Tuesday Morning store for the retail businesses?  If so, where’s the discount?

We were busy shoppers last Friday because we also went to the Goodwill, just to make sure we weren’t missing anything special.  Turns out we were:

We are at least amused by these kinds of souvenirs; they are pretty harmless.  This little set had a couple of things going for it:  it was decorator styled (see the package!) and it depicts Colorful Colorado which is home sweet home.  Even though it had never been opened, we left it right where it was.  We teeter at the top of a slippery slope; you never know what might send you careening down the hill to your very own reality TV show.  But don’t let that stop you; if you need it, we can pick it up next time we’re at Goodwill.

Finally, thank goodness we never had Pandora’s box.  It wouldn’t have stayed closed for very long with us around.  Case in point:

We saw 17 or 18 of these boxes on the shelves; of course we opened one to see what all the fuss was about:

Well, what can you do with a used band hat except a Halloween costume?  Guess if you were staging The Music Man, they might come in handy; or maybe a Yours, Mine, and Ours kind of family might need 18 marching band hats.  It is always a mystery when we come back the next week, and all 18 hats are gone!

As always, feel free to submit your finds, or send us on a quest–we love to hear your suggestions.

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4 Responses to We Got Yer Friday Finds Right Here

  1. Connie says:

    Looks like there were some really fun and nice items. The Nippon is pretty, but I agree… at $75 for a set that has quite a few missing pieces… I’ll pass. And I would have loved to become the new owner of the poinsettia Christmas tree stand (at least until you mentioned the outlet conveniently located on the stand itself (yes, it would have been a Griswold Christmas in the making).

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We loved that Art Nouveau pattern on the Nippon china too–but the chances of finding the needed lids are pretty slim. Or if you do find the lids, they will be awfully expensive. I was torn about the tree stand, but it was $40 I think. By the time I got bulbs for all the missing sockets, and rewired the sucker, it would have felt like too much. It was really nice though.

  2. Connie says:

    Hey… perhaps “Born Yesterday” could purchase some of the many band hats for our costume for next year’s ‘History Mystery’? Maybe we could alter them so we look like ‘Beefeaters’ (given that this year’s theme was bacon)?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Hate to tell you this, but ALL the band hats are gone! They could have been the basis for many interesting costumes ;- )

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