Two’s Company, Five’s a Crowd Friday Finds

This week we had two visitors in tow, plus the summer intern for his last hurrah before school starts.  When we roared up to the first of many garage sales, we must have resembled circus clowns pouring out of a tiny car.  We were so amused by the sales that we never made it to the house of horrors (aka–our local thrift store).  This post ended up being a feel-good story, for the most part, though Kathy did run into a little yuckiness on Saturday.

At the first garage sale, we ran into these little craft projects.  Their creator must be addicted to those crazy craft pamphlets that we enjoy so much; the difference being that she actually makes things from them:

This little bunny was pretty darn cute–he is made of bottle brushes, sans handles.  We were going to save him for the Easter post, but pickings were thin this week, so in he goes.

His cousin, the leprechaun, was perhaps just a little less successful:

He is made of styrofoam,  felt, and plenty of wild red hair.  At least he was priced right at 50¢; I thought he was kind of fun in a scary way, though our visitors disagreed vehemently.  The crafter also said she had a mop witch in the house somewhere, painted black and purple.  The mop was braided into hair; wish she had time to drag that out–I’m pretty sure we would have had a winner!

After this, we went to an estate sale where Kathy bought the expanding utility shelf detailed below, and our visitors bought a lovely pink depression glass sugar and creamer set in the art deco style for only $10.  Sorry we don’t have a picture, we got distracted by our large party, and the fun things being sold.

We drove by this garage sale, and were immediately excited by this free item:

Sadly, the free sign referred to a box of broken things–not the gorgeous wooden boat.  This boat was so perfectly restored to its original incredibly high-gloss finish, that the driveway was reflected off the sides in this next picture:

We would be afraid to put something this wonderful in the water; how do you think it would fare in the living room?  Or maybe a museum?  Even the seats were restored and lovely; this boat was definitely worth the thousands the sellers were asking for it.  We were especially captivated by all the details like the shape of the paddle handles, or the fishing lure painted on the side.  As for the rest of their things–incredibly overpriced!!  We didn’t even bother taking a picture of the painted $6 rocks, or the five foot tall, free-standing resin cat for $30.  It’s kind of dispiriting when folks want retail prices on their used stuff;  on the other hand, we do realize times are hard, and people need money.

Now for the sake of the blog, thank goodness Kathy ran into some strange things on her own, plus took some pictures of her doll finds from a couple of weeks ago.  Take it away, Kathy!

I think this next little gem falls under the whatchamacallit category nicely.  Well, I guess I know what it is, but I sure as heck don’t know why it is!  This thing is a lamp shade, and I have to admit to teetering on the edge of buying it.  Gave hubby a real scare, but I refrained, and just took its photo.  Can you imagine this thing lit up from within?  Ooooh, sparkly!

Now this one I did buy, and you all will probably question my sanity, but I can explain …

You tell me if it doesn’t make the perfect dolly camp table?

And if all else fails, it probably really does work just dandy in that messy spice cupboard.  However, the seller did warn us to put duct tape on it since it is so slippery, and tends to slide apart; her husband broke a number of coffee cups before they figured that out.

Since we are on the subject of dolls … (See how well I work that in there?)  I promised photos of the take from last week’s find at Goodwill.  There were a few other things, but look how pretty the dolls are:

I was delighted to find a Quick Curl Kelly in this kind of shape.  For those that don’t know, the Quick Curl dolls have tiny wires in their hair, allowing for instant curls.  Once they have been curled a few million times, their hair starts to resemble Medusa’s and they are practically impossible to make look good, so to find one that has not been played with much, is difficult.  The other doll is a Living Skipper, not a TnT, as I said in the last post.  I was in a hurry OK?  Don’t revoke my collecting license over one little mistake.  Just cleaned her up and replaced her ribbons, and she is as good as new too.

Wouldn’t want you to think this post is all soft and fuzzy, so I will leave you with one HUGE decorating mistake.  This lamp just plain scared the bejeezes out of us.  OK, lamp with a bear, not the worst thing ever right?

But look closely, I think this illustrates what happens when a hungry bear comes upon an unwary camper.

Hat, boots, canteen, pickax, NO camper.  Ack….. Is this a decorating warning to the unwary.  NEVER EVER go camping?  This is such a fun subject, let’s make it into a lamp?  I am going to stick to my little story that the camper was so scared, he ran out of his boots, and off into the wood.  Naked scared wildmen are not real conducive to good decorating either, but it soothes the conscience.

That’s it for this week, but we are on the trail again, and will always share the best of the worst with you.

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4 Responses to Two’s Company, Five’s a Crowd Friday Finds

  1. Terri Gold says:

    About that lamp…why on earth was it necessary to paint the word water on the canteen? Is it possible that the bear wasn’t after the camper? He may have just been thirsty.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      He, he, he…why didn’t we think of that scenario? We’ve heard of bears that break into houses and open freezers looking for meat; why wouldn’t they know that water comes from canteens?

  2. Connie says:

    Love the expanding utility shelf. It really is the perfect scale for a doll’s table.

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