Back in the Saddle with Friday Finds

Well, things have returned to normalcy, to use a presidential catch-phrase.  Summer-time is usually travel-time, but all that is behind us for a while.  We  bravely shop alone (well, not really alone, but without each other, it feels alone) when vacations arise.  However, it is never quite the same with someone new.  Evidently, our sense of humor is not universal.  ;- )

We have a word of warning for our loyal readers–there is some ceramic nudity in this post.  Please take that into consideration when reading this post.

We found this hooked rug at a garage sale.  It’s so well made that we would have bought it, if either of us had a spare inch of wall space:

It had lots of fun crazy-quilt details; whoever designed this had a great eye for detail and color.  Crazy quilts have so much going on, and the skill and patience required to make a good one is amazing.

At Goodwill the previous week, Kathy had noticed a Barbie case with a ridiculously high price.  We headed over to the front case to see if the case was still in the store.  It was, and it had friends:


There were a vintage Skipper and Kelly in the bag, plus several pieces of vintage Barbie clothes.  Turned out to be a near perfect Quick Curl Kelly, a wonderful TnT Skipper, and a handful of pretty cool vintage finds, including a pair of the original Barbie sunglasses and both bathing suits for the dolls.  Plus they had cut the price to less than half of what it originally was.  For once a thrift store that was doing it right.

Where to start with this next find?  It’s a  gold monkey, and it’s rude (you tell me what the monkey is doing to that poor tree.)  With a count of two strikes, only one more strike and it’s out:

Strike three–ugly clock!  Yer outta here!

We have a word of warning about the next tumbler.  If you are at work, have your kid sitting next to you, or are easily offended by nudity, just close your eyes, and skip this next set of pictures:


When something is covered up, we can’t hardly resist peeking under to see what all the fuss is about.  Well, we can’t hardly fault Goodwill for putting a piece of tape over this pin ups’ assets; the tape had been removed several times, so we aren’t the only peeping toms.

This next pitcher is just too ugly to be from Italy:


The painting on the face is better than average, but the proportions of the body are off.  The colors also leave us cold; you don’t have to use every crayon in the box.

This little napkin doll is just too cute; you’ll just have to use your imagination for her skirt:

We can just see her on a buffet–especially a Caribbean themed party.  She is much too pretty to sit languishing on a thrift store shelf.

Just when we thought we were safe–wham, we were assaulted by this piece of fabric:

Forget water-boarding, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, if this is your torture device.  Honestly, it hurts just looking at the picture!  What the heck was the person thinking of making with this horrible fabric?

That’s it for this week’s finds.  Let us know what you think, and if you find something awful, send us a pic.  We love to share your fun photos with our other loyal readers.

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6 Responses to Back in the Saddle with Friday Finds

  1. SusanB says:

    Wow – did you buy the bag of Barbie/Skipper/Kelly items? I will never, ever find anything cool like that in my neck of the woods :cp

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Yes, the price was right. I hope to post pix, next week, just been too busy to scrub up the dolls and take photos. Finds like that take persistence, but they do happen.

  2. Connie says:

    The hooked rug is awesome… but alas, I too am out of wall space. And least you think that I have room on the floor so it could actually be used as a rug… I have a geriatric cat that has decided that every soft surface (on the floor) is her litter box.

  3. Nadine says:

    Your stuff is the most entertainment I get all that week – am sitting here trying to decide if that means you are super great or I don’t have a life! Just kidding – this is really super great!

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