Thursday, Friday, Saturday Finds!

See how hard I have to work for you folks?  It took three days to fill up a blog post!  Might have something to do with Deb being out of town.  Normally, I can rely on the help of the summer intern, but he was feeling pretty cross due to having to have five baby teeth removed on Friday.  If they would just fall out like NORMAL kids’ teeth do, I would have more money to spend on yard sales, and he was cranky all weekend to boot.

He did try to be helpful on Thursday, and we were rewarded for our efforts by running into this spicy planter:

I guess this is for those hot pepper plants.  We were amused by the hat on its head.  Notice that there was an extra hat; here it is without the added decoration:

Either double- or single-hatted,  just can’t see living with this thing on your windowsill.

Right after our caballero, we caught sight of this saucy item.  Well, it does have recipes for sauces on it.

Mostly for grilling, so I thought it was pretty cute.  Notice it is hardly worn at all; I am sure it was a gift for that man griller in the house, and he never used no stinkin’ recipes!

I can’t decide if this next unfortunate item came this way, or had help.  Candles, by their very nature, invite being bejeweled.  Yes, they glisten in the soft candle glow, but these pearls really don’t work that well.  There is nothing else to say about this, except it is a golden ugly.

Friday brought the dental appointment, and these fine selections.  The intern spotted this one all by himself:

I hate to admit to remembering when these do-it-yourself ceramics projects were popular.  They were marketed as cute, and failed miserably most of the time.  Plus, they were so darn big, I was never sure where you supposed to hide, I mean display, them.

While I was chuckling over this sign, the intern came over to see what was so funny.  He didn’t get it:

As a parent of an 11-year-old, this is getting way to close for comfort.

Once again, the desert southwest has something to answer for:

Cactus, flowers, coyote, basket, yep, got one of everything.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the southwest, even brought back a few souvenirs myself, but the decor look, that came out a few years back, is something I am glad to see die a slow death in the thrifts.

On Saturday, lighter in the pocketbook and the intern lighter on teeth, we hit the garage sales.  We really didn’t find too much to giggle about, but the following item had us wondering:

It’s a water jug, completely full of pull tabs from soda cans.  The crazy thing was, there was also a baggie full of them, and while I was fishing out my camera, someone got those.  They did give them to the purchaser for free, but why take the bag, and not the jug, and what the heck for?

One last fun photo from a few weeks back.  I didn’t know where to use it, but it tickled my funny bone, and I wanted to share it:

Most people take a basket to the farmers market.  I just loved this guy with the salad sticking out of his back pack.

You will be glad to know the summer intern is doing well.  He still seems to eat everything in sight, so I guess it didn’t slow him down at all.  Rats, thought we might ease up on the grocery bill.  Hopefully this week is back to normal, but know that we are always on the lookout to entertain you, our loyal readers!

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10 Responses to Thursday, Friday, Saturday Finds!

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Glad to hear your intern survived the dentist/tooth fairy. Do they still get $ for baby teeth these days?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Not dollars this time, but a giant Lego set filled the bill. We made him wait to open till after the teeth were gone!

  2. SusanB says:

    Is it wrong that I think the Pepper pot is kind of adorable? Maybe the heat is getting to me :cp

  3. Second Hand Roses says:

    It could actually work, but maybe the heat is getting to you. Stay out of the chilli peppers.

  4. Connie says:

    Well at least someone tried to burn the candle/pearl project. Too bad they didn’t complete their task. 😉

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We’re pretty sure those pearls would melt if they got too close to fire. Yah, we hate quitters too; if a job is worth doing, do it well.

  5. Lisa says:

    I stumbled on your blog and LOVE it – always gives me a giggle! My hubby’s gram was forever saving those pop can tabs for a charity project that raised funds for wheelchairs by collecting those. Maybe it’s a similar idea?
    Keep shopping, you are hilarious!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Thank you for your kind comments–we couldn’t stop shopping if the world was on fire! In my youth, we made stuff out of those pop tops that came off–chains and garlands, etc… Hopefully the collector also collected them for charity; we can only pray it wasn’t for a craft project ;- )

  6. Viva says:

    The soft drink pull tabs may have been taken by someone with plans to make a messenger bag or purse of them. They are quite the rage at the moment and are a great way to make something useful by repurposing items normally considered trash. Take a look at the following site for pics of the messenger bags (and the prices they command and receive).

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