Garage Sale Goodies

I thought long and hard about this week’s title, and nothing really clever came to mind.  Might be because this week’s items are such a mishmash of crazy stuff.  Overall, after examining the photos, I decided many more are good, rather than bad, but after seeing our opinion of what is good, there are plenty more folks out there who may think we are as cracked as the average garage sale fare!  I have never decided why the pickings at garage sales vary so much from the average thrift store gleanings.  Might be because the “good” stuff is already gone by the time it is dumped at the thrift’s back door?

This was one of our favorite things this past week.

If I had an inch of extra space anywhere, this baby would have been in the back of the truck so fast, it would make your head spin!  For only $20.00, it was the bargain of the day.  Loved the comment from a fellow garage saler who said he had the Grandma to fit it, but she was out gardening.  Sounds like us, but we are out thrifting looking for more junque!

Lest we get too complacent though, this next chair was right across the lawn at the same sale.

I know the kids are attached to their skateboards (earbuds in the ear, skateboard glued to the feet, and phone welded to the texting fingers!), but at a certain point it is time to let it go.  At least let it retire in peace.

As you can tell from previous posts, we have a thing for kitchen wares.  We love all the little things that any thrifty housewife would never be without.  We saw this terrific item at a sale.  The owner came over to tell us all about it, so we had to ask permission to take a photo, or risk looking silly.  (Heaven forbid!)

Can you imagine the joy on the housewife’s face when she got this ultra-modern convenient clothes washer?  Frankly, it looks like more work than a trip to the creek with the washboard.  Hope hubby didn’t buy it for her for Christmas.

Speaking of timesaving devices, check out this selection of the latest in kitchen appliances circa 1950.

Two were waffle irons, and the large oval one was an electric chafing dish.  I’m sure her friends were so jealous, especially the one with the new fur coat instead.  Must admit there was not a lot of wear on any of these.

This next item was not for the housewife, but I am sure there were some monks in a cold stone abbey somewhere, that would have been grateful for this.

The strikers on this typewriter came over from one of two sides.  I think this is probably one of those models that you had to stop every other word, and untangle the letters, but it WAS an improvement.  If I had to type up our blog on this thing, you would get one post a year from me.

After hitting a selection of garage sales, we ventured into one of the thrift stores that we rarely hit together.  We both visit it regularly on our own, but things are much funnier when we see them at the same time.  Deb thought this crafty kitty was so funny, and I had to grudgingly admit that I had made one as a child.

Mine was painted black with a pipe cleaner tail.  What else do you do with all those empty beer bottles sitting around?  A Styrofoam ball, and a tail, and you have instant decor.  You can always make a bowling game, if they pile up too high.

We were 99% sure that these next two selections came from the same house, probably the same room, and possibly the same table.

It’s about as gilded and drippy as you can get, but you have to imagine it with these underneath it.

They thought these were so wonderful, that they bought two sets.  If you set them up boy, girl, boy girl, no one will notice they are exactly the same hideous thing, right?  Oh well, place them under the vase, and the drippy flowers will hide a multitude of sins.

Not everything from the thrift store was bad this week.  Another kitchen item that caught our eye, was this charming lazy susan.  Fun 60s style, and really, the color is not too jarring.

I have lots of cookbooks from the 60s that would match this perfectly.  Don’t know how often you put those two things together, but it does date it very well.  A view from the side, so you can see that it is totally complete, and ready to serve those cocktail weenies, that no party would be complete without.

Wanted to leave you with one last photo of some garage sale goodies.  Both Deb and I have multiple friends and family members who always want to come scrounging with us.  This is the reason why:

A Wedgwood vase and a Lalique paperweight for the princely sum of 50 cents.  The paperweight was actually marked 50 cents, but she gave them both to me for that, and no, I didn’t ask for the discount.  I don’t believe in haggling when I know I am getting a steal!  But only our loyal readers know how much flotsam we have to wade through to get to the good stuff.  After all, you’ve seen oodles of it!  So, here’s wishing all your deals are good ones, if not, you know where to send the photos.

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13 Responses to Garage Sale Goodies

  1. MJ says:

    Wow! .50 – Amazingly beautiful finds. And I have to say I look forward to Fridays because of you two!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      It takes months of digging to hit the jackpot, but we try and make it look easy! So glad you enjoy our blog. We love writing it.

  2. Okay, I’d have bought that paperweight without knowing what it was, because it’s just plain cool!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Yeah, Lalique is like that. I was 99% sure what it was, before I peeled off the price tag and checked the mark. Always nice to be proven right! LOL

  3. SusanB says:

    I don’t always have time to comment, but I read your blog each and every week! You have inspired me to bring my camera (phone) with me to our family’s garage sale huntings so I can start surreptitiously taking pictures of any interesting finds ;c)

  4. Terri Gold says:

    Great post. I can’t believe the Lalique and the Wedgewood vase. Most people are more savvy about those things these days. I,too, like the tid bit set. Love those 50’s – 60’s patterns.

  5. Terri Gold says:

    About the typewriter- that’s an interesting item. I wonder if one can still get ribbons for it. I learned to type in junior high school. No such thing now. It’s keyboarding. Wait…now it’s texting. Do kids learn to type anymore?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Not like when we were in school; my niece had a business class which had typing, Word, and things like that. Kids don’t really see the point–it’s all texting and the “how r u?” spelling. What a bunch of old curmudgeons we are! ;- )

  6. amy Schancupp says:

    I actually received a green version of the Wedgewood vase as a wedding present. I still have it 24 years later!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      It’s amazing that folks don’t recognize Wedgewood–it’s a pretty famous name. Then there are those folks too, who just want to send something out into the universe and let it find a home.

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