Crazy from the Heat

It’s the dog days of summer for real–here and in most of the U.S.  That makes it difficult to construct whole, coherent sentences as heat is not our friend!  But fear not, loyal readers, we have some Friday Finds that almost speak for themselves.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to this garage sale, and actually bought a few small things.  But nothing for sale was as interesting as the household decor:

These two wall lamps were in the entryway, and they were pretty special.  The feathers and beads complemented the free-spirited use of color and texture throughout the whole house.  And though I can’t really remember, the ceiling may well have been a pinkish color.  Why the heck not?  It would go perfectly with this color scheme:

While we found this house lots of fun to look at, we aren’t sure that it might not make you just a teeny bit crazy after a while.  The house is for sale.  We hope that just the right person comes along, who can appreciate all the unusual touches.

In fact, there was a vase we saw a while ago that might go perfectly in the aforementioned house:

We appreciate that the artist had a vision and carried it out; we’re just not sure what prompted that vision–peyote, perhaps, topped off with a little LSD?  I seem to remember a monster’s face in a bad sci-fi movie that resembled this vase.

We did see a couple of home-made dolls last weekend that represented the extremes of the good-to-bad spectrum.  First up is the one we consider good.  Please don’t pass judgment on her until you see the bad one.

She is tiny, wooden, and sweet; the quality of her face paint is quite good.  If we didn’t find so many other dolls even more appealing, she might have gone home with us.

Now the bad, and we do feel so sorry for this doll:

He has a handsome face, so there is potential for goodness.  But oh my, that purplish brown yarn and pink beads just don’t work.  His crocheted staff isn’t all that helpful either.

While in the thrift store, just minding our own business, we noticed this small collection of snow globes:

They are really small, so you might need to click on the picture to tell that those animals in the globes are warthogs!  Now even warthog aficionados have to admit that they aren’t the loveliest of beasts.  Why on earth would you want even one warthog snow globe, not to mention three?  Personally, we would love it if a thrift store put together a shelf with stuff like this and labeled it “Whaaaa???”  Then we could all be mystified at once.

Another entry into that same shelf of mystification is this set of glasses:

This is a set of four 2-oz glasses; so far, so good.  Can someone please explain to us why they are labeled “tumblers”?  According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a tumbler is:  a drinking glass without foot or stem and originally with pointed or convex base.  We suppose these could be “drinking glasses” if you want only two ounces at a time.  We can’t really think of a use for 2-oz glasses, except for drinking alcohol (for medicinal purposes only, we’re sure!)

A last entries for the “Whaaa???” shelf are these crocheted wonders:

We could see a use for the crocheted teacup, since it has a plastic glass inserted into it.  You might be able to grow a plant in there, if you wanted to.  But what in the wide, wide world of sports would you do with a crocheted cupcake?  It’s just mean, since it would make you hungry, but you can’t eat it.

Since we have the shelf of “Whaaa???”, we might as well have the shelf of “poor taste.”  Here’s a nominee:

Okay, we get it.  Coffee drinking and toilet use go hand-in-hand, but we could have done without the visual aid.  Maybe it’s for those doggies that like a cup of joe in the morning.  Hey, wait, I should have bought it for my sister’s wiener dog that loves coffee.  It’s a new niche market–canine coffee drinkers, and your product is already designed.  Maybe the idea will catch on, and become the next new craze; hope someone out there can make a few bucks off it–no thanks needed.  ;- )

We just couldn’t resist making fun of this seventies fashion disaster:

Daisies, dotted swiss fabric, salmon sashes, and pink ribbon–oh my!  It doesn’t quite scan, but the feeling is genuine.  We’re sure she was the hit of the prom with the see-though fabric covering her décolletage.  Every time we hear someone talking about seventies retro fashions, this is what flashes in front of our eyes.  Let’s never go there again!

Last up is our final confusing (and maybe in poor taste) entry:

We can hear you now saying, “yeah, it’s oatmeal and water, so what?”  Well, when’s the last time you bought food at a thrift store?  Even if it appears to be unused, we wouldn’t trust the contents for one hot minute–ick!

Well, that’s all for this week; time to go drink a gallon of water and rehydrate.  Keep safe in the heat, everyone; water is your friend.

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8 Responses to Crazy from the Heat

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Food at a thrift store? Come buy my garbage. I went through our pantry as part of my pre sale house efforts and threw away outdated stuff. You mean I could have sold it? Easy come; easy go.
    LOL at the warthogs. You never know.
    The lamps are very pretty!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We had the same reaction to food at a thrift store–and the prices were near to what you might pay at a discount grocery store. Guess there’s one born every minute, maybe they would buy outdated food. We liked the lamps too–maybe for a boudouir.

  2. Connie says:

    I have to raise my hand to make a comment on that 70’s dress. It is almost identical to the bridesmaid dresses of my oldest brother’s wedding (which was in the 80s). The sheer daisy fabric was the same (hell…it might have been from the same bolt). Each bridesmaid had a different solid color dress underneath the sheer daisy sheath. Imagine if you will a row of young women (pink, yellow, lavender, and green), each clutching their bouquet (perhaps in horror) as they were on public display for an entire afternoon.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We couldn’t decide if it was a prom or bridesmaid’s dress–or maybe both for those thrifty young brides right out of high school ‘- )

  3. Ruth says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Where is this charming house …. I might have to buy it!! LOL The “dear” little wall lamps look like two of Jim Henson’s Muppets that have been re-purposed!!! Too funny!!
    Is there any way to flush the crochet cupcake down the toilet mug!?
    Great finds as always Kathy!!! I’m so glad you do this!!!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      What a great idea to flush the cupcake down the toilet mug–a perfect solution to two problems! Glad you enjoy our blog, we are still having fun doing it!

  4. Alrunia says:

    Those lamps are gorgeous. They look like jellyfish drifting in the sea 🙂

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